Submitted by guest blogger, Eileen Mowrey Saranac Lake is cultural balance at its best. Enjoy all the pleasure and charm of a small mountain town – a local coffee shop, friendly faces, beautiful scenery – and all the music, food, and fun of a small city. Because both are equally important, right? Imagine spending your day hiking in the remote, rugged mountains and the night dancing your tired... [Read More]
Categories:Beer, Cultural, Music
Saranac Lake is not only a beautiful Adirondack mountain town, ringed by crystal blue lakes and countless hikes to amazing vistas, but it also has a lively, walkable downtown. Main Street and Upper Broadway are replete with artists’ studios, restaurants, and bars. Now that Saranac Lake is my hometown, I’ve done my due diligence and “researched” the numerous eating and drinking... [Read More]
Author:Carrie Gentile
Categories:Beer, Dining, Fall, Music, winter
There’s something special about Saranac Lake, and the village’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration is no exception.The parade kicks off the festivities at 4 p.m. It lines up on Olive Street and courses through downtown along the "Emerald Pathway." A tribute to the Emerald Isle and to Adirondack style, marchers include lads, lasses, bands, and clans of the area. As a testament to Saranac Lake’s... [Read More]
Author:Shaun Kittle
Categories:winter, Family fun, Events, Beer
Resolutions are made to be broken, right? I mean, they're basically just a list of things people want to do but feel like they can't, which is why I've never subscribed to them. So as I thumb my nose at the tradition of resisting temptation, allow me to be the devil on your shoulder. I know you want to break that food indulgence resolution. Doesn't a heaping platter of chorizo sausage and... [Read More]
Author:Shaun Kittle
Categories:Family fun, Dining, Beer
It’s always exciting when a new restaurant opens in Saranac Lake, especially when that restaurant is as good as Bitters & Bones. My wife, Anna, and I met a couple of friends at Bitters last week and tried some of the offerings, and we weren’t disappointed.First, a little history. Bitters and Bones occupies the space Captain Cook’s once inhabited. The new owners did major work on the interior... [Read More]
Author:Shaun Kittle
Categories:Dining, Beer
Can you smell that in the air? What? No, it’s not pumpkin spice! It’s FOOTBALL! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been anxiously waiting for months to watch guys in thick padding and helmets hurl themselves across a huge field at other guys in thick padding and helmets as they chase around a strangely shaped leather ball. Yes, football season is finally here. I survived three nerve-... [Read More]
Author:Jess Collier
Categories:winter, Historic Downtown, Fall, Events, Dining, Brewery, Beer
Camping on an island is better than any other kind of camping in existence. Yuuuup, it's a bold statement. But I stand by it. Here are my reasons:1.) PaddlingPaddling is one of my favorite summer activities, and the Saranac Lake area is one of the best places in the world for it. So any camping weekend that necessarily includes paddling is okay by me!My boyfriend Andy and I had a great... [Read More]
Author:Jess Collier
Categories:Summer, Paddling, Equipment, camping, Beer
Welcome to Saranac Lake, the Adirondacks' coolest place, where the beer flows as freely as the Saranac River. Once you’re done playing outside all day, it’s time to stop in to the Blue Line Brewery to try out some excellent local brews.Blue Line is a newer establishment, opened a few years ago in what used to be a car wash. The beer has evolved a bit since the place first opened, but it... [Read More]
Author:Jess Collier
Categories:winter, Summer, Spring, Fall, Dining, Brewery, Beer
Looking to get together with your dearest friends? I strongly suggest planning a trip for a friends weekend getaway to the Adirondacks’ coolest place!You'll need ideas on what to do while you’re here, but that's not a problem. With a surplus of places to see and things to do, Saranac Lake can promise you a fun, relaxing weekend away. Just check out the Saranac Lake art and bar scenes and begin... [Read More]
Author:Marjorie Waterson
Categories:Summer, Spring, Shopping, Music, Exhibits, Beer, Arts
We're spoiled here in Saranac Lake. We have so many cool dining spots a visitor can feel a bit overwhelmed about choosing. Each locally-owned eatery offers a unique take on their speciality, complete with a chef in the back, crafting each dish from scratch.Since we have three new dining spots people might not know about, I recruited friends and my husband to explore these latest offerings.... [Read More]
Author:Pamela Merritt
Categories:Shopping, Family fun, Dining, Brewery, Beer
So you’re looking to indulge? You have most certainly come to the right place! Put on a pair of pants with an elastic waist and let me take you on a delicious tour of Saranac Lake!BreakfastYou’re definitely going to want to start off the day with coffee. Head to Origin Coffee Co., and try one of the many yummy coffee drinks they brew there. I usually go for regular coffee black, but they have... [Read More]
Author:Jess Collier
Categories:winter, Historic Downtown, Hiking, Fall, Cultural, Beer
As an employee of a local brewery for many years, I have come to love a good craft brew. And not only that, but I enjoy learning about beer, and of course, trying new ones! So, that is exactly what my goal was for this past Labor Day Weekend. And...mission accomplished.  My weekend started Friday after work, hopping on the motorcycle, and heading to Lake Clear for a beer workshop and... [Read More]
Author:Brooke O'Neil
Categories:Brewery, Beer
Things I never suspected I would learn planning an Adirondack wedding So there may not be any factual data to support my daddy longleg burlap attraction hypothesis. All I know for sure is that on the morning of my wedding, amid a whirlwind of madness, I paused to adjust the cake table and was greeted by a horde of daddy longlegs. My bridesmaid Lisa dutifully helped me gently remove a few,... [Read More]
Author:ADK Grasshopper
Categories:Summer, Outdoor Recreation, Family fun, Events, camping, Beer, Arts
The summer is winding down, and we need to be sure to pack in as much fair-weather fun as we can! The next couple of weeks are full of enjoyable and exciting events, guaranteed to get you moving, eating and dancing to the music! 6th Annual Farm2Fork Festival - Saturday, September 5“Love your Farmer, Love Your Food” is the tag line for the annual Farm2Fork Festival, and you’ll definitely... [Read More]
Author:Chelsea Cook
Categories:Outdoor Recreation, Music, Family fun, Fall, Events, Beer
It’s a beautiful summer afternoon, and you want to spend the evening outside socializing and seeing some great music while you’re at it. You’re in luck! Saranac Lake has some great options for summer music!The Party on the Patio series at the Waterhole is the cornerstone of Saranac Lake’s summer music offerings. Each Thursday, the Waterhole has free music from 6 to 10 p.m. on their outdoor patio... [Read More]
Author:Jess Collier
Categories:Summer, Spring, Music, Historic Downtown, Heritage, Family fun, Events, Dog Friendly, Cultural, Beer, Arts
Mud season has arrived in the Adirondacks, which means 3 things: the sky is blue, the temps are mild, and for those of us who like to get outside, most of our winter activities have ended but the woods and waters aren't quite ready for summer fun. Now is a GREAT time to check out the local breweries and soak up some springtime rays along the way!This past Sunday, a few co-workers and I met up for... [Read More]
Author:Glenn Pareira
Categories:winter, Summer, Spring, Fall, Cultural, Brewery, Beer

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Submitted by guest writer, Elisabeth Marchbanks I must admit, fall is my favorite season in the Adirondacks. As the air becomes crisper and the leaves start to change their color, I can’t help but...
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A great time of year for a hike Fall is made for hiking. It possesses the perfect mix of pleasantries — leaf color, pleasant temperatures, and no bugs — that appeals to time outside. So when...
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