So many options for delicious indulgence!

So you’re looking to indulge? You have most certainly come to the right place! Put on a pair of pants with an elastic waist and let me take you on a delicious tour of Saranac Lake!


You’re definitely going to want to start off the day with coffee. Head to Origin Coffee Co., and try one of the many yummy coffee drinks they brew there. I usually go for regular coffee black, but they have plenty of cappuccino/espresso/other-Italian-sounding-drink-type options as well!

Grab a bite to eat as well, if you’d like. They usually have a few delicious options for thickly cut toast covered in locally grown goodies, like local cheese, honey and berries or basil, tomato and balsamic, and their frittatas are something to write home about. Or you can enjoy a delightful pastry - try the homemade pop-tarts for a better version of your childhood go-to.

The egg salad toast, dining outside.

Origin opened up in the last few months, and the people who run it have done a great job creating a friendly place to sit and get some work done while sipping coffee and having breakfast, or meeting up with colleagues or friends, or just relaxing.

Once you’re finished at Origin, it’s time for second breakfast — hey, we’re indulging here. There will be multiple multiples in this food tour. Head to the other side of town and get a table at McKenzie's Grille. Order the Oreo Waffle. Just do it. You’ll thank me. It’s a special occasion kind of dish, but this is a special occasion, no?

That's McKenzie's!

Now maybe take some time to visit the Saranac Laboratory Museum so you can learn a little about the history of Saranac Lake, which will prepare you to eat more.


You must be hungry. It’s time to fuel up with some lunch! Lakeview Deli is the perfect place to start. The deli has a wide variety of some of the best sandwiches you’ll ever have. They usually have amazing specials like capicolla and mozzarella on toasted ciabatta with roasted red peppers, lettuce, onion and Italian dressing. But if you’re not into any of the specials, the Fresh Mozzarella and Fresh Roast Turkey are my two favorite sandwiches on the regular menu — but really, I’ve never had a bad sandwich there.

The important part is that you make sure you get some macaroni salad. This place has literally the best macaroni salad that has ever existed on the face of this Earth. It’s the perfect blend of creamy and crunchy, flavorful but not too bold. It’s so amazing, it practically sparkles in daylight. Just try not to eat an entire quart of it — there’s plenty more to shove into your stomach today!

If it’s a nice day, the deli has the perfect location to get your food wrapped up and walk across the street for a lakefront picnic. There are picnic tables that dot the shores of Lake Flower, or you can bring a blanket and chill on the grass.

Then you might want to hit one of the great local gyms or do some yoga, because it’s almost time for second lunch.

For your shortly-after-post-midday meal, head down the street to Little Italy, because it’s (finally) pizza time! The plain cheese or pepperoni is awesome, or you can get one of their specialty pies. And don’t forget to add on some buffalo wings and garlic knots!

Afternoon snack

To stave off your appetite before dinner, it’s a good idea to head to the Blue Moon Cafe for Tapas Wednesday. Munch on their great variety of interesting and often local cheeses and their small-plate delicacies — the menu for which changes regularly — while having a coffee or a few glasses of wine from their wine list that covers all the bases.

Then take a walk around the village and stop into some of its fun art galleries and shops! You can find plenty of necessities as well as lots of unique gifts at the wide variety of stores in the downtown area. You're definitely going to need a souvenir to remember this day forever. 


Darling, you look starved! It’s time for dinner. Head to the Belvedere Restaurant for some home-style cooking that will make you feel right at home. It’s the perfect place, because you can’t possibly leave hungry. We usually go for their mouth-watering burger, but the chicken Parmesan is absolutely amazing too. I hear the Bel’s hot sausage sandwich is also totally worth it.

I <3 the Bel!

After dinner, take a break from eating and have a cocktail or two in the Bel’s lounge area that has a great throwback kitschy feel to it while chatting with friendly locals and visitors.

When you’re ready for second dinner, go down the road and you’ll find Bitters and Bones. The new bar-and-grill establishment has a great Southwest hip feel to it, and you can scarf down a classy artisan meat plate before indulging in an apple-and-brie or goat-cheese-and-pesto grilled cheese. And you’ll feel cool doing it. Don’t forget to try one of the beer-and-bourbon pairings!

Artisan meat plate!

Night cap and late night

After all that, it’s time to indulge in some great craft beers. Hike up the hill to Grizle T’s for a variety of taps pouring local and/or craft brews. Or if you’re feeling extra-indulgent, maybe try Grizle’s signature fish bowl! Plus, they have a bunch of games you can play, like Jenga! 

My mug.

And once you’ve had enough there, you’ll probably be hungry again. Stop by Borracho Taco on your way home for nachos, wings, tacos, a crunch wrap or a full-on burrito if you think you can handle it! Borracho recently got rid of its steam table, so the chefs are making everything fresh to order, and it has definitely paid off. If you’re looking for a challenge to end the day with, try the hot sauces like Borracho Insanity or Mucho Loco.


Then, after your day of indulgence, you might want to go earn your entire Saranac Lake 6er badge the next day.

There are many, many other amazing dining options in Saranac Lake as well - these are just a few of my personal favorites. Actually, I left out some of my personal favorites. There are just too many good places to eat in Saranac Lake!

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