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So happy I found this blog about Moody Tree Farm.  It stirred up warm memories as I am from SL originally, now residing in Latham.  However, I will plan a trip to SL and Moody Farm early this Winter to buy local gifts for friends and family.  Anyone say Balsam Pillow.  

Make Holiday Memories at Moody Farm

I am sad to admit that in my 27 years as an Adirondack native I had never been to Moody Tree Farm until last month! I recently bought a house, and my aunt wanted to get my boyfriend and me a holiday wreath as a housewarming gift. I was very excited because I truthfully haven’t done much decorating since we moved in at the end of August, and I was definitely looking to spruce the place up!

However, I soon learned there was going to be a bit of work involved —  we weren't just headed out to buy a wreath — we were actually going to get a hands-on experience in making them! It was a truly unique and memorable shopping experience - so much so, I keep going back for more! 

Our holiday wreath!

There's a first time for everything

When I walked in it was like Christmas slapped me in the face. Ornaments, wreaths, and decorations are everywhere in there! Like I said, I was there to make a holiday wreath, but it was so easy to get distracted. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas everywhere! I walked around, and had no idea the gift shop was so big - I swear it just keeps going! 

But, we had a wreath to make. They offer fresh wreaths or fake, and as much as I love real, I went with a fake one so that we can use it every year. They let you pick out whatever you want to put on it. Ribbon, ornaments, whatever you want! We went with a gold ribbon, a set of bells, pinecones and some sparkly sprigs of holly leaves! It was harder than I thought it would be to put something together like that because there are SO many options, but it was a lot of fun picking things out together! 

Christmas is everywhere!

Take two 

That was the first time I went there, but since then I’ve been back twice because I'm in love with going there now! It’s like a magical winter wonderland! Trip number two was for a centerpiece my mother wanted to get for my grandmother. We picked out a pine centerpiece in a birch bark vase. Grandma likes red, so we asked Jackie at Moody Farm if she could spruce it up with some red! That’s one of the things I love about going there. You can give them an idea of what you want, and they create something, and I have yet to see something that hasn’t turned out beautifully!

I am really indecisive and they are extremely helpful in making suggestions of what would look good. They let me come behind their work station and pick out my own ribbon and look at different options that I had picked out. They even shipped one of my mom's centerpieces out for her! 

Jackie helping us design our centerpiece!

When I walked in the second time the first thing I noticed was the goat behind the cash register area eating some hay on the floor. Moody Farm has a bunch of farm animals in stalls outside, but it must have been this particular goat's lucky day because it was inside eating. Jackie’s daughter, Holly, was there to take the goat outside for a walk, and in true Moody Farm fashion the goat was sporting a Christmas collar, of course! I took the opportunity to check out all of the other animals around the farm. There are goats, horses, and some longhorns! It’s very fun to get some shopping in, and then visit the animals outside. 

Checking out all of the animals!

When Holly got back inside from goat walking she went back to work making cookies! They always have cookies and hot chocolate inside the gift shop to enjoy while you browse the many Christmas ornaments and gifts available. There is a room full of balsam pillows, which smells AMAZING! I couldn’t pass up getting a balsam pillow and enjoying one of Holly’s chocolate chip cookies!

There is also a big fire pit outside with Adirondack chairs around it. A cool spot to relax if you prefer to take your hot chocolate and cookies outside and enjoy the fresh air, snowy trees, and Christmas lights!

Mmmmm, cookies!

Third time's the charm

Trip number three involved picking out our Christmas tree. They do have a lot of grab-n-go trees, but they also have a tree farm where you can grab your own saw and cut down your own tree. I had to do it, but let me just tell you — I thought it was going to be a lot easier! There are rows of trees to choose from, and there are so many that you come across that are the perfect tree! Once we finally spotted the right tree for us, I put my boyfriend to work! He cut it down and dragged it back.

And then what do you know, we went inside and bought two more presents for other family members! I swear I can’t leave there without something, but c'mon, they have these pack baskets that they fill with a holiday arrangement, and they are such a great gift! 

Cutting down our Christmas tree!

Make your own memories

I had so much fun each time I went there! It was nice to spend time with family members designing wreathes and center pieces and cutting down our tree! Each time I’ve been there there have been so many kids and families around enjoying the Christmas spirit!

We picked out a Christmas ornament there this year, and I think we will make that part of our yearly tradition. Every time we cut down a tree we'll pick out a new ornament!

Start planning your holiday trip to Saranac Lake and Moody Tree Farm and start making your own memories! While you’re here be sure to check out all of the other cool events and activities going on!

So many ornaments to choose from!

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Early-Winter Skiing!
Get it together — First Night Saranac Lake

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