Shades of Spring

The first day of spring, called the vernal equinox, has historically fallen on either March 19, 20, or 21. This year, the equinox landed on Tuesday, March 20. But in Saranac Lake, on March 20 you are just as likely to see a foot of snow piling up on the trails as you would see the crocuses popping up in front of the library. So how do you know, really, when spring has arrived?

Here are six shades that are sure signs that spring has sprung in Saranac Lake:

  1. Yellow sun. What really matters is the first day of spring means LONGER days are here. It also means squinting for days. But, we'll take it! When you haven't seen that big, bright yellow orb in months it feels good to be blinded by the light.

  2. White snow. Let's face it, snow can still can be found on wooded trails, high elevations, and in the remaining pile of the Ice Palace. Spring is a constant battle between winter and summer. But no battle here, Saranac Lakers are known for going with the flow. Spring skiing anyone?

  3. Brown slush. When that high, warm spring sun meets the six month old salt-laden snow it means one thing — slush. Take a look around, is it a coincidence Carhartt brown is the spring fashion choice year after year? I don't think so.
  4. Green buds. While the slush is doing its thing on the ground, up in the trees buds are popping. The vibrant greens scream spring. And just like that we all have on our rose-colored glasses. P.S. This is a great time to say hello on the street, because you will be greeted with true North Country hospitality - the extra special kind you get after six months of winter.
  5. Grey fog. Technically speaking as warm air moves over a cold surface, it is chilled from below, causing it to condense, resulting in fog formation. All we need to know is early morning spring fog means the day is going to warm up! Enjoy that warm morning cup of coffee because by afternoon you are going to be shedding layers and looking for an ice cold beer - preferably outdoors with a lake view.
  6. Blue sky. The blue is back, baby! Miles and miles of crystal, clear skies. Breathe in that fresh mountain air. Don't slack on dusting off your canoe - miles and miles of blue water is coming up next!

    While most people know that summer is a great time to be in the ADK, spring is still a pretty cool season. It is a season of excitement - where all things are new after a long winter. And its guaranteed the weather and changing terrain will keep you on your toes. Get out and enjoy spring in Saranac Lake!

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