Take a turn onto Brandy Brook Avenue from the main road that heads into Saranac Lake, and you’ll find a large dirt lot and a modest building with a smartly-decorated-but-otherwise-unassuming facade. Behind the building’s rustic exterior, a little bit of magic happens. This is the home of Pendragon Theatre, a staple of the Saranac Lake community that’s celebrating its 40th season this year.... [Read More]
Author:Shaun Kittle
Categories:Arts, Theatre
Pendragon Theatre has been delighting the North Country since 1980. They draw from a considerable pool of professional and amateur talent, most of it local. Then they craft productions which range from the best of contemporary drama to well-loved classics. Since we are all about conservation here in the Adirondacks, we have become adept at taking existing buildings and making them into... [Read More]
Author:Pamela Merritt
Relaxing Retreat Saranac Lake is a retreat for the creative mind. As many people travel to Saranac Lake they often have the question, “what’s there to do?” In all reality the question should be, “what’s there not to do?” This question of course would finally have us at a loss for words. This is because Saranac Lake has such a wide variety of activities for all ages, and interests. For the... [Read More]
Author:Mary Gallagher
Categories:Arts, Cultural, Theatre
Acting Cool: Practice Makes Perfect When I think of art in the Saranac Lake Region, a ton of cool galleries, shops, and events come to mind. But, of course, I have a history of working in the performing arts, so my first love - theatre - is at front and center for this blog. And, when I think of acting in the Adirondacks, Pendragon Theatre is the place to be. In case you haven’t... [Read More]
Author:Kim Andresen
Every year Pendragon Theatre, our Saranac Lake live theatre company, chooses a comedy as one element of their summer art offerings. The theme this year (they choose a theme every year) is one close to my heart: that of "Dreams." Then they choose several plays which fit the theme, creating a lineup which includes at least one comedy, drama, and musical each year. Harvey When I... [Read More]
Author:Pamela Merritt
When you walk down the street in Saranac Lake, there is a distinct artistic vibe. Truly. It’s not just because there are so many art galleries and shops; though that certainly contributes. It’s reflected in the people who live here, and for a visitor, whether you’re stopping for a coffee on your way to hike a Saranac Lake 6er or in town for Winter Carnival, it’s easy to get caught up in that... [Read More]
Author:Kim Rielly
As we pull into the parking lot of Pendragon Theatre in Saranac Lake on this Thursday evening, we are mighty glad that we have reservations for the closing performance of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” The parking lot is packed and the theatre’s Managing Director is directing traffic in the parking lot and turning folks away who have not made their reservation. Art is center stage all over town... [Read More]
Author:Kathy Recchia

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The Saranac Lake Women's Civic Chamber (WCC) was founded in 1955 by five women who felt they could do more for their community. Today, WCC members take part in various fundraisers and...

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