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Adirondack Canoe Symposium


Adirondack Canoe Symposium

The Adirondack Canoe Symposium will be returning for 2022 to the shores of Upper St. Regis on the Paul Smiths College Campus!

While sitting at the edge of the lake, you notice a canoe paddling straight as an arrow.  When the boat nears a partially submerged stump, it mysteriously “slides” to the right to avoid the obstacle. When the canoe approaches shore, fully loaded for a camping trip, it turns gracefully and again “slides” to shore, parallel to the beach to make unloading an easy chore for the happy paddlers. How did this all happen? Was it magic? Or simply good paddling skills?

The Adirondack Canoe Symposium offers excellent instruction in a calm setting for anyone who would like to improve their paddling and boat control skills. Courses are offered for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced paddlers, in both solo and tandem canoe. Classes are based on Freestyle techniques, i.e., using body, boat and blade physics to add efficiency and ease to your paddling The ACS is designed to be an enjoyable weekend, where you can receive coaching from experienced United States Canoe Association Instructors, who will assess your skills and allow you to learn at your own pace.

The event does not supply canoes, paddles, or PFD's but rental arrangements can be made. 

Visit our website for more information and registration details.