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Basic Land Navigation - Back by Popular Demand!

Route 86 & 30
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

Basic Land Navigation - Back by Popular Demand!

Who better to learn basic land navigation skills from than former Forest Rangers who’ve spent their careers in the backcountry of the Adirondacks? 

In Basic Land Navigation we place a strong emphasis on teaching you the fundamentals.  You will be in the classroom during the morning, learning the basics, like parts of the compass, how to read a topographic map, the importance of declination, and how to plot UTM's.  In the afternoon we will set off into the woods so that you can put your knowledge to use in an active, hands-on, and practical way in various skill courses. This will allow you to become comfortable setting an azimuth and navigating to specific locations. This course will provide you a foundation for your continued learning. You should arrive with a lunch, clothes, including footwear to be outdoors and off trail regardless of weather . We highly recommend you come to the course with a compass that uses Azimuth (0-360 degrees) has a mirror and the ability to adjust for declination. We recommend the Silva Ranger compass and we carry it our store but there is not a guarantee we will have enough in stock the day of your course.