Last day to complete the 2020 Census

Thu, 10/15/2020 12:00 pm View More Dates


Please help us collect data for so that we are all represented accurately at the Federal Level

Getting a complete and accurate count of our total population will have a lasting impact for the next 10 years.

  • Federal funding – money allocated for schools, healthcare facilities, roads, public works and other vital programs here in Essex County is based on total population.
  • Federal representation – the number of our state’s congressional representatives is based on population. During the 2010 census, NYS lost 2 seats… 2 fewer voices to advocate for the needs of the North Country region.
  • Local government efficiency – budgets and planning at the local level, for roads, schools, emergency services and other important public services, are more effective when based on accurate statistics.
  • Federal grant opportunities – access to various federal and state grant and loan opportunities relies heavily upon population data and socioeconomic data that is collected through the Census and accuracy is crucial!

The Census affects ALL OF US, regardless of age, race, cultural and ethnicity.

Respond to the Census by:

Phone: 844-330-2020


(844) 330-2020
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