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Fall Colors Forest Bathing Walk

$30 per person

Fall Colors Forest Bathing Walk

Enjoy the fall foliage with this immersive nature experience!

Imagine yourself in a forest. Notice what’s moving around you. Gently cup your ears forward with your hands, like deer ears, to amplify the forest sounds. A woodpecker? The breeze rustling in the leaves? Hone into each sound. Inhale the aromas of the forest, the scent of moist soil, of wildflowers. Touch the variety of textures around you, moss, tree bark, plants…no goals, no destination.

Let us guide you on a sensory exploration of an Adirondack forest. This program combines guided sensory activities with personal time to explore on your own. Forest Bathing is an opportunity to get up close to nature to rekindle our sense of wonder and playfulness, in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. A unique experience to share with family, friends; a new way to connect with nature. Children 6 and up welcome. Gentle trail.

Guided by Helene Gibbens, Certified Nature & Forest Therapy Guide. To learn more about Forest Bathing, visit