Farmers Park-It


Farmers Park-It

The AuSable Valley Grange Farmers' Markets are the only "producer-only" farmers' markets in the eastern Adirondacks. At "producer-only" markets, the vendors can sell only items that they or their employees produce. Vendors cannot buy in bulk and then proceed to resell to you.

Producer-only markets not only insure integrity for you, but also provide an environment that encourages local farmers and artisans to expand and diversify their production. Our farmers all follow organic or sustainable production practices.

Place your order for the Farmers' Park-It by clicking here every Monday evening through Thursday evening :


How Does the Farmer’s Park-It Work?
Many of us farmers continue producing fresh, delicious food long after the outdoor market season ends. The Park-It is our solution for getting that food to you each week during the long, colder season, when setting up a display for you to peruse outside isn’t an option. Instead, we’ve set up online farm displays for you to peruse from your cozy home. This way, we can sell our food to you directly right up until the outdoor market opens again at the end of May. 

Step 1: Place Your Orders
Some have a farm store for you to order from, and some use a Google Form menu provided by the market committee. The window for ordering opens Monday evening and closes Thursday evening at 5 pm. 

>Farmers Park-It Order Form 
Step 2: Pick Up Your Orders on Saturday morning from 10 - 12 on Academy Street  behind Hotel Saranac in downtown Saranac Lake! 
This pick-up is curbside, which means you don’t need to park and get out of your vehicle. Academy Street is a one-way street with a lot of curb space - pull up along the left-hand curb, and let your greeter know the name attached to your orders. Your trusty farmers will gather up your orders from the various producers and load up your car! Sometimes there’s a short line of cars ahead - just sit tight - it moves along a good clip. Pick up on foot is also welcome. 

Thank you for continuing to buy from your farmers directly! Your business during the slower season keeps us afloat. We really appreciate having this opportunity to connect with you in such a mutually convenient way. You head home with a trunk full of the freshest groceries around, while we head back to our farms with empty trucks! We look forward to continuing to cultivate systems for year-round access to local produce from your farmers. Please tell your friends and neighbors about Park-It! Perhaps you can pick up for one another! 

Farmers Park-It informational flyer