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Gala of Miracles

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Gala of Miracles

Let me start by introducing ourselves… We are Hope for Miracles, a 501(c)3 Public Charity located in Jay, NY,  and we raise much needed funding for Childhood Cancer Research. Our nonprofit has been in existence for just under four years and we were finally, through covid, able to write our first $100,000 check to Memorial Sloan Kettering this past December. Our mission is to do just that again this December. What did our funding do? Our funding was used on a ground breaking immunotherapy vaccine. A vaccine that can be used across multiple adult and pediatric solid tumor cancers (MSK).

There is one more thing we think it’s important that you know.

Every year since our inception, 99% of proceeds raised through HFM have went straight to childhood cancer research. We were told by many that this was unheard of and couldn’t be done. Yet here we are, ensuring our operating costs are below 1%! ~ Not many (if any) nonprofits can say the same! Given that less than 4% of all funds raised for cancer research through the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute is set aside for childhood cancer, it’s up to US to make a difference!