Lecture "The Renewal Movement: Merging Environmental Ethics and Social Justice"

Wed, 02/26/2020 7:00 pm View More Dates


Wednesday, February 26, Paul Smith's College, Pine Room, 7pm

Half a century ago, several "Big Ten" environmental organizations passed up an important opportunity to connect with social justice movements.  As civil rights hero Cesar Chavez and his United Farmworkers (UFW) fought to ban DDT in California, environmental organizations such as the Audobon Society and the Sierra Club chose not to join the farmworkers' struggel against human rights and ecological dangers of pesticides. In that moment, environmentalists missed the chance to build coalitions across class and cultural boundaries. Now, as the US quickly approaches the culturally wonderful moment of a being a country with over 50% of color by 2050, the American environmental movement can no longer afford the luxury of overlooking social justice and human rights issues.  Today, how might we avoid the mistakes of earlier environmental movements who overlooked social justice connections? What common values merge wilderness and social justice movements?

Presented by John Hausdoerffer, Dean, School of Environment & Sustainability, Professor, ENVS & Philosophy, Western Colorado University.

Sponsored by Paul Smith's College Student Activities Office

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