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Library Lunch - Author Talk "On and Off the Couch"


Library Lunch - Author Talk "On and Off the Couch"

Come join the author's discussion, in this library lunch...

“On and Off the Couch: Memoir of a Psychoanalyst” is the story of one woman’s search for authenticity and self-realization and finding herself through the transformative nature of psychoanalysis.

Troubled by the many confusions and misunderstandings surrounding psychotherapy in general, and psychoanalysis in particular, this book was written as an answer to the many questions that psychotherapy raises. In order to accomplish this, her personal story becomes the heart of the book. Klosky traces her life both before and after being psychoanalyzed. She draws a vivid portrait as she writes of her seventeen year-long analysis, a life-saving experience for her that took place on two different continents with two different analysts of two different theoretical backgrounds.

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