Sound & Guided Meditation

Mon, 05/20/2019 6:00 pm

$22 pp (cash or check) $23 via PayPal

Take a time-out. Come be with the waves of sensation that is life living you. In this session you will be guided in a meditative inquiry on 'Beingness' - sensing / feeling life living you. Practice welcoming and witnessing what arises in awareness. During our meditation we can observe the changing names and forms of the phenomenal world and also sense the eternal, unchanging perfection that is the absolute reality. Let's take an iRest together, to connect with the truth of being and 'beingness'.

Sound Meditation - you will be immersed in sounds created by Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, a White Gong and more. Bathe in the vibrations, sound waves and frequencies. As your attention naturally flows to the sounds, brainwave states slow down, and your nervous system can relax. The sounds can heal and balance obstructed energy and move you into deep states of relaxation and meditation. There is great healing potential in meditative states of consciousness.

The session flow: We begin seated in a chair or on a cushion to begin the meditative inquiry. Then continue sitting or lying down on the floor on a yoga mat padded with a woolen blanket, cushion and another blanket for warmth. You may reserve a chair. The guided meditation continues on and off along with sounds.

You may emerge from the experience feeling clear and revitalized, very relaxed or sleepy, as you may come back from a slower brainwave state.

Space is limited. Please register and pre-pay to reserve your space which will be set up the props mentioned above. Bring additional padding, blanket and an eye-bag if you like for added comfort.

Payment Options:
Cash or Check: $22/pp
PayPal: $23/pp

* Drop off cash or a check at Inner Quest Yoga & Wellness Center
 check payable to: Inner Quest Yoga (mailbox is at the steps on the front deck.)
 Mail a check to Inner Quest Yoga, 238 Broadway, Saranac Lake, NY 12983 
* Pay via credit card/PayPal @

For more information email or call: Mary Bartel 518-354-2425

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