Local Family Friendly Swimming Spots

What is more fun than putting on a bathing suit, some sunscreen, grabbing a beach towel and headding down to the local beach? Not much, especially on a sticky summer day. The Saranac Lake area has some really great swimming spots to consider, whether you are vacationing or a local resident. 

A beautiful, sunny day at Lake Colby.

For instance, right here in town we have Lake Colby Beach. Lake Colby Beach has a fun play area for kids, a volley ball net, lots of sand and lifegaurds on duty. What is great about this beach is that motor boats on the lake are not allowed over 10 miles per hour, which means that you don't have to worry about anyone speeding by and disrupting your children's fun. It is convienently located on Route 86 going out of town toward Paul Smiths/Gabriels with plenty of off road parking, changing rooms and bathrooms. This is an incredible place to stop and watch the sun set as well. If it's a clear night, take a few minutes and stop by. 

Or you could go a little further out of town to the Lake Clear Beach. Lake Clear Beach is just 10 miles outside of town (about 15 minutes) on Route 30 (take Route 86 to Route 186 to Route 30), but worth the drive! It has off road parking and signage so that you know when you are there. You take a short walk through the woods that will open up to this 2,000 foot public beach front. It is not extremely wide, but is as long as the eye can see. Don't let the amount of cars in the parking lot fool you, no matter how many people are there, you can always find a spot of your own to claim. The water is shallow for quite a while so you can feel safe with your kids playing. There is no lifeguard, so don't leave them, but it is a great family friendly beach. A great bonus with this beach, it's dog friendly, so don't leave your pup in the car or locked up at home, bring them with you! 

Continuing on Route 30 is Fish Creek Pond Campground. Fish Creek has a public beach that is available (since it is in the campground) for a small day pass fee. But with that fee includes not only the beach but a fun kid's playground, changing rooms, bathrooms, and two pavilions to have your lunch under. Many people love the "wave action" that is created by motor boats out on the lake. And there to keep your kids safe is a life gaurd on duty five days a week. Take that 17-mile, 23-minute drive out and check it all out! 

Then closer to town, but in a different direction is Middle Saranac Lake Beach. Middle Saranac Lake Beach is about 10 minutes outside of town on Route 3 going toward Tupper Lake. This beach is an awesome way to cool down after a nice afternoon hike up Ampersand Mountain. The mountain and lake share a parking area, so all you have to do is park and you will have access to both activities. It is a nice long sand beach on the shore of Middle Saranac Lake.  The hike is a moderate 0.6 mile trip to get to the beach, and opens to a shallow sandy beach front. This beach the other close Dog Friendly beach around the Saranac Lake area! 

There are such great options for you and your family to choose from to cool off with this summer! So don't wait, grab the sunscreen, bathing suits, and towels (and puppies) and head out to those sandy beaches. Memories are just waiting to be made here in the Adirondacks!

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A peaceful afternoon on Jones Pond
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