What Makes Saranac Lake So Cool?

Saranac Lake has been cool since the 19th century, when loggers came out of the forests as the leaves began to turn. They found themselves in the midst of a glorious fall and a postcard winter. They decided to make the most of it.

Revel in our fall foliage — the only place on earth where our mix of colors is framed with a backdrop of crystal blue lakes and rugged granite mountains. Book a stay during the last week of September through the first week of October for an extraordinary peak experience.

When the leaves drop, the snow starts flying. We get our our skis and snowshoes and enjoy the fluffy alpine snowfall. Dreaming of a White Christmas? We offer an enchanting holiday experience.

Fall or winter, indoor or outdoor, Saranac Lake means a delightful vacation!

Events & Travel Planning

Everyone has fun on a Saranac Lake vacation. Indoors or outdoors, we have amazing attractions that lets everyone choose a favorite. Check out our upcoming events to find your coolest match.

Escape the city - Saranac Lake is closer than you think

A scenic close drive from New York City, Boston & Montreal, the community of Saranac Lake welcomes visitors year-round.