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If this is not an April fools JOKE then:

What an utterly blatant piece of slick propaganda from either a paid shill or a total ignoramus, void of critical thought!

Do you even know the ingredients contained most vaccines? substances such as aluminum, mercury (thimerisol) polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, MRC-5, (taken from aborted fetuses) bovine serum, (The centrifuged fluid component of either clotted or defibrinated whole blood. Bovine serum comes from blood taken from domestic cattle.) This is just a thumbnail of the list of harmful ingredients which actually damage the immune system. Explain to me how each one of these mentioned toxins is beneficial to inject directly into ones' bloodstream as a chemical soup. May I remind you, LIFE is in the BLOOD! The mentioned ingredients destroy life - they are toxins!

This elementary level piece of idiocy even comes with a derogatory label for the THINKING public "anti-vaxxers" kind of like "conspiracy theorist" - grow up! Name calling is for those with arrested development among us. Condemnation without thorough investigation is the summit of willful ignorance & clearly you've done no serious, objective research. If so, this would not even be written as a joke.

If modern medicine is so wonderful then why is the list of HARMFUL & potentially DEADLY side affects for pharmaceuticals most of the ad? We are one of the most drugged and sickest nations on EARTH while the pharmaceutical companies rake in BILLIONS in profits & spend MILLIONS on advertising annually? Disease is a BUSINESS & business is good! Drugs are designed to mimic what occurs naturally so they can be PATENTED for PROFIT. They can't patent nature. (Caps are for emphasis not to be taken as scolding.)

Peace - Independent Thinker ~

Anti-vaxxers lead to Saranac Lake reopening tuberculosis facilities

SARANAC LAKE — The historic village of Saranac Lake is reopening tuberculosis cure facilities throughout the village.

A subset of parents have decided not to vaccinate their children over the last few decades, often citing pseudoscience that suggests that vaccinations have horrible side effects like autism. They’re often referred to as anti-vaxxers.

Because of that, tuberculosis, once a disease that was largely eradicated in the U.S., is making a comeback.

From the shoot of Lonely Island's newest video, "I'm on a Porch."

Saranac Lake, the village that can credit tuberculosis’s first go at the human race for its founding and growth, is staking claim over the disease once again.

In the late 1800s, Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau moved to Saranac Lake from the city and found that his tuberculosis was cured, and thus he decided to open up a large facility in town for people with TB to come and “take the cure” by getting lots of fresh mountain air. He quickly established Saranac Lake as a "pioneering health resort," with private cure cottages opening up all over town.

Good ol' Eddie, doin his thang.

Of course, in the following decades, scientists were able to identify the actual causes of TB and create vaccines and treatment drugs that eventually led to the disease appearing only rarely in the U.S., though it still thrives in third-world countries.

But with vaccination falling out of favor among people who have clearly never spent time in a third-world country, TB is now seeing a resurgence, along with other diseases that American children are normally vaccinated for.

“Golly, it’s sure too bad that modern medicine hasn’t come up with some sort of thing that will make it much less likely for people to get tuberculosis,” Dr. Tom Trudeau, great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grand nephew twice removed of E.L. Trudeau, said with a deep sigh. “Facebook is definitely way more trustworthy than science." 

Ya heard?

The Trudeau Institute is once again the Trudeau Sanitorium, and it has shifted from doing cutting-edge scientific research on diseases that are still ravaging the world, to enforcing the strict regimen E.L. Trudeau came up with to help his patients heal: getting up early, only eating specific foods and only at specific times, resting and doing work. 

"I'm pretty sure that I did not spend years of study and thousands of dollars on a doctorate so I could do this with my life," said Tom Trudeau's colleague, Dr. Killian Jones. "I feel like a cruise director or something. This is such a waste of resources." 

Now, turn your head and cough.

The influx of people to the village has been great for local businesses. The Community Store is selling a record number of blankets, heavy coats, handkerchiefs and tissues. All the local restaurants and bars are seeing a boost as family members of the consumptive patients come to visit. 

"Our numbers are way up over last year," said Grizle T's bar owner Anderson Harrison. "And our back porch has suddenly become way more popular."

Harrison is asking all customers to wear a surgical mask to avoid spreading TB any further. He's even ordered special masks with air-tight holes for straw placement, so patrons can imbibe in their beverages while keeping their germs to themselves. 

Family members are also spending a lot of time hiking the Saranac Lake 6er, and checking out many of the village's awesome wellness options like yoga, reiki and massage. 

And of course the Saranac Laboratory Museum has never seen as much interest as it does now. Museum Director Anne Siracusa said newby TB sufferers feel a strong kinship with their predecessors and want to learn everything about them, and the museum is also getting visitors from all over interested in the "cool" "new" disease. And major news outlets are checking in as they follow the trend as well. 

When TB first swept the nation in the 1800s, people were considered social outcasts if they had the disease, and it had to be hidden away. But this time, it seems to be the epitome of cool. Hipsters in Williamsburg have appropriated the TB look, setting chairs out on stoops and wrapping themselves in huge fur coats and blankets all the time. Hip t-shirt companies have made thousands off shirts with slogans like, “TB 4 Me.” Some TB wannabes go as far as to try to catch the disease by smoking cigarettes, spending time in packed public places, and running toward, rather than away from, strangers’ coughs and sneezes.

Taken recently in Williamsburg. Look how much fun they're having.

Of course, the Center for Disease Control cautions strongly against the practice and is constantly reiterating that TB is a horrible disease, it’s the second-highest-killing disease in the world today, and it's stupid not to take any precaution available to ensure that they won't have to deal with all the coughing up of blood, fevers, chest pains, lung scarring, infections, and possible death that come along with tuberculosis. 

"Or at the very least don't freakin' let people sneeze on you!" shouted CDC Lead Hack Dr. Tim Frodo. "There, is that 'natural' enough for you idiots? Jeez!"*

If you don't believe the very intelligent and well-educated doctor, maybe this poster will help sway you.  

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*The preceding story is fabricated in celebration of April Fools day, popular for the commission of good-humored practical jokes of varying sophistication. 

Author:Jess Collier
Five Fun (and obscure) Facts about Saranac Lake!
Wonderful Weddings in Cool Places

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