The coolest paddling routes

What are the coolest paddling routes in the Saranac Lake area? That's a tough question, because we are the Lake Country, a paddler's paradise. Canoe or kayak or even innertube, we have the adventure to fall in love with.

To help with this question, I asked some local guide services about their own favorite places. What do they recommend most often? Where are the places which are extra scenic, or offer interesting choices, or are just places they love to go? They were quick to share.

Take off for adventure! From a simple, soothing, pond paddle to a multi-day exploration with guide, embark on an Adirondack experience (photo Forest is Home)

Follensby Clear Pond

From Adirondack Lakes & Trails Outfitters comes a "family favorite," Follensby Clear Pond.

This 491-acre pond was named after a famous hermit of mysterious origins who lived there for many years. There is a boat ramp for the easy launch of boats which can be hand-carried. It has a long shoreline which stretches past the bulk of the pond into a longer, narrower, body of water. There are several islands for exploring.

the amazing appeal of Follensby Clear Pond starts at the launch

Follensby CLEAR Pond should not be mistaken for Follensby Pond, the site of the famous Philosopher's Camp. But it is worth mentioning in its own right.

This Camp was convened in the summer of 1858. Despite the Philosopher's nickname, these were men who actually had varied professions and talents. There were poets, Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Russell Lowell; scientists Louis Agassiz and Jeffries Wyman; the lawyers Ebenezer Hoar and Horatio Woodman; Dr. Estes Howe and Dr. Amos Binney; John Holmes who was the younger brother of writer Oliver Wendell Holmes, and the inspiration for the trip: William James Stillman, the artist, writer, and skilled woodsman.

Together they found the spot so conducive to creative work and unfettered thinking that they helped popularize the Adirondacks as a destination, and to become part of the movement to make sure it was preserved in its original state.

Paddling on a gorgeous Adirondack Pond simply continues this grand tradition.

the full loop of Follensby Clear Pond and surrounding ponds

For a small loop, paddle around the shore of the pond itself. To expand the trip, follow the carry paths to Polliwog Pond, Middle Pond, Floodwood Pond, Little Square Pond, and back to the Follensby Clear Pond launch site.

This route has various sized ponds and short, clearly defined, carry paths. It totals approximately eight miles of paddling, and a bit over a mile (1.2 miles) of portage.

plenty of shoreline for exploring at Follensby Clear Pond (Jarek Tuszynski / CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Follensby Clear Pond has twenty campsites scattered along its shores, tucked away so their presence barely dents the tranquil forest wrapped around it. They are primitive sites that are first-come and cannot be reserved, all waterfront.

Because of its size and placement, Follensby Clear can have some wave action. Motorboats are allowed, so be watchful for them. A side trip to informally named Round Pond offers a sweet paddle down a short carry.

linger until the moon rises at Follensby Clear Pond and experience "Magic Hour"

There are more advanced camping sites available at Fish Creek State Campground, which has many more launching sites and pond access.

This trip can be combined with a climb up Ampersand Mountain, one of our Saranac 6rs. Read our blog post about such a trip, An Apt Pair: Ampersand Mountain & Follensby Clear Pond.

Floodwood Loop

A charming thing about the Floodwood Loop is how many guides said it was their favorite!

Don Perryman, the experienced guide behind Forest is Home Adirondack Guide Service, says this is a delightful, multi-day, paddling and camping trip. It has a loop which does not need a shuttle, plenty of wild forest and wilderness areas, and a Floodwood Road launch area serviced by St. Regis Canoe Outfitters, who can offer boat repair, cold drinks, supplies, and rations for the trip ahead.

A complete trip can be set up with gear and gourmet meals included. Don particularly mentioned the filet mignon. It's the best of all worlds.

the Floodwood Loop is wonderfully scenic, and as flexible as we want it to be (photo St Regis Outfitters)

This is a protected route of small lakes and ponds with six portages. There are numerous campsites to choose from, great swimming spots, and some of the trip moves through the St. Regis Canoe Area. This 18,400-acre wilderness tract has fifty ponds. Motor boats are not allowed on any of them. This creates the possibility of even more wilderness side trips if desired, making the trip able to expand to as much adventure as one desires.

It begins and ends at Floodwood Pond

Floodwood Loop makes a wide loop through several points of interest

These remote areas in the very heart of the Lake Country, surrounded by wild mountains, offer an extraordinary experience. The "full immersion" that comes from the combination of untouched wilderness and overnight stays successfully removes us from the bustle of civilization.

This is where the support and expertise of one of our Adirondack Guides becomes invaluable. They take care of the planning, equipment, and food. But it's more than that; these Renaissance Men (and Women) of the Woods hark back to a long tradition. From the development of the Adirondacks as a destination, these guides not only took people to the places to fish and camp, they cooked the meals, taught the woodcraft, and told the marvelous stories that added up to enchantment for so many visitors.

All we need do is relax, and have the most incredible experience in some of the loveliest areas in the world.

the magic of the Lake Country -- Floodwood is the perfect portal (photo Forest is Home)

There's a possible side trip of a hike up Long Pond Mountain, which is 3.2 miles round trip, but much of the path is unmarked. Bushwhacking skills, or the services of a guide, is a must. A layover day is recommended for this addition.

Saranac River

At the other end of the ease scale, there's the trip from Saranac Lake to Bloomingdale, via the Saranac River. The current can carry us all the way to Lake Champlain, if we wish to venture so far.

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters has a great little package which provides the canoes or kayaks, and adds a hike to Moose Pond. They launch from behind the Town Hall in Saranac Lake, and then pick up people and equipment at the end.

start our Saranac River trip right in town, and drift through much of it on our way out (photo St Regis Canoe Outfitters)

I loved this trip. There's something really epic about floating through much of Saranac Lake, right through downtown, under the bridges and past the park as we leave town. This route goes through many flat plains, so the scenery is different from ponds nestled in forests.

There aremarshes, rocky shorelines, and abundant wildlife, especially birds. I floated within six feet of a great blue heron feeding in the shallows.

Saranac River to Bloomingdale is a lovely drift with the current through beautiful plains

It takes 2-3 hours of moving with the current to arrive at Moose Pond footbridge. There's a beautiful walk to Moose Pond for a round trip hike of three miles. Part of the trail is an old woods trail and is mostly level.

It is a pleasant place to have a picnic sitting on a rock. Moose Pond is also really nice for swimming. It all adds up to a marvelous day trip that is suitable for almost any skill level or age group.

Once our dog learns to stay in the boat, we can have lots of fun trips together! (photo St Regis Canoe Outfitters)

And it's a doggie favorite. The scope of the trip and the areas we move through make it really easy to bring our dog along. Remember to keep close track of them, and have the leash handy if needed.

For an account of this trip via innertube, see our blog post, Free Water Park Ride In Our Backyard.

a group trip through the Adirondacks is a fantastic experience that creates amazing memories (photo Forest is Home)

There's something really special about getting together, as a couple or as a group, and taking to the water. Paddling gives us the ability to move much faster than hiking, reaching inaccessible areas with more ease, and seeing the many different eco-systems from a different vantage point.

Floating on the water, between earth and sky, moves us closer to both.

For before and after the trip, find some lodging. Indulge in some of our great dining. Consider the range of our incredible paddling.

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