Floodwood Pond to Little Square Pond

The lowdown

Floodwood Pond is a popular launching point.  The route takes you across Floodwood Pond with Floodwood Mountain in the distance.  You paddle down a creek and into a sheltered pond for the final destination.  This paddling route offers wonderful opportunities for observing wildlife, including common loons, osprey, eagles, beavers and otters, black ducks, mergansers, wood ducks, mallards, great blue herons, and Canadian geese.  Along Fish Creek there are bog plants including sundew, pitcher plants, sheep laurel, steeplebush, yellow pond lily, white water lilies, pickerelweed, bladderworts, blue flag, Labrador tea, and bog rosemary.  

Fact check

  • Total Distance: @4 miles round trip
  • Length of Time: 2-3 hours
  • No portage
  • Flat water
  • Round trip
  • Electric motorboats are allowed on Fish Creek


  • Public parking is available on Floodwood Road across from St. Regis Canoe Outfitter’s Floodwood Outpost.
  • Put in/take out at Floodwood Pond Landing

The paddle

Put in at Floodwood Pond Access, across the railroad tracks from the parking area. Paddle across Floodwood Pond, turning east around the Big Island, and enter the narrows. Follow the shoreline to the right until you come to the rock entrance to Fish Creek. 

At the entrance to Fish Creek you will see some large rocks in the water. Steer carefully past the rocky area with a gentle current. Also watch for trees in the water that create strainers. Going with the current on Fish Creek, you will soon pass under a footbridge. The creek meanders around curves before it comes into an open area. Clusters of bog plants and royal ferns line the stream as it turns into Little Square Pond. Go straight past the bog plants and turn to the right to enter Little Square Pond — make a mental note of this spot for your return trip. On the right shore there is a campsite with a large rock face that is nice to stop for a picnic lunch or a swim, as long as the site is unoccupied.

Recommended resource: Adirondack Paddler’s Map: St. Regis Canoe Wilderness

On The Map

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