Business + Saranac Lake = An Opportunity for Success

Whether you are a lifelong resident looking to start your first business, or you are an entrepreneur searching for a home where your business will flourish, the Saranac Lake area is ready to welcome you. From a vibrant and growing downtown that is currently being infused with energy through a 10-million-dollar NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) to a 100-acre Business Park with nearby commercial air service, you will discover that opportunities to do business in the Saranac Lake area are as wide as the views from the top of our Adirondack Mountain peaks. 

Aerial view of Saranac lake with a warm orange and pink sunset at the backdrop.
Downtown Saranac Lake
Mayor Clyde Rabideau proudly stands a podium with a sign saying 'Revitalizing our Downtowns' attached to the front.
Saranac Lake was recently awarded a $10 milllion revitalization grant.
Three ladies cash out at the checkout in Nori's
Fat tire bikes stand on the snowy sidewalk in front of Origin Coffee in Saranac Lake.

Here for you

Looking to tap into the potential Saranac Lake has to offer? The following resources can help get you started.