Spring is in the refreshing air

As the snows of winter fade and spring enters Saranac Lake, it becomes time to embrace quiet rejuvenation and a peaceful environment. The days are getting warmer and the sun is shining a little more each day. A mellow low-elevation stroll might reveal blooming flora and birds returning to a reawakening habitat. There is peace in every nature walk. In town, a long-standing focus on wellness continues, with an array of healthful offerings from locally-owned and operated businesses including natural food stores, spas, yoga classes, river walking and forest bathing, and more. Troubles and worries melt away in Saranac Lake each spring. Sure, winter, summer, and fall shine in Saranac Lake, but spring brings sweet new life into region.

A close up of a pink and white flower.
A man and woman sit on a mountain summit in the warm colors of a spring sunset.
Small, purple flowers in the bright green grass.
An aerial view of a green forest with a pink sunrise and a lake.

Sweet, sweet spring goodness

When the nights are cool and the days are a little warmer, it can only mean one thing: maple syrup season has arrived. This may be the best time of the year! From liquid gold to flowers, there is a lot to make us smile in spring. As the forests reawaken, many wildflowers spring up on the forest floor. While these beauties are fun to look at, it's important to only look (or take photos). We want to ensure the flowers are there for the next person to admire!

Welcome the new season in the fresh mountain air with the resurgence of art and live music events! Connect the mountains with the town and walk through the aroma of fresh flowers along the Walk of Fame, while completing the Bug Crawl, or along the trail system at The Pines. Trilliums, pink lady slippers, all varieties of blooms in manicured gardens, and forget-me-nots add colorful highlights to peaceful walks around town or through the forests. Stroll the brick-paved Riverwalk along the Saranac River, enjoying the beauty of the river and its many bridges, with easy access to historic downtown, or relax and enjoy the delights of nature in spring in one of Saranac Lake's well-maintained parks. On April 8, 2024, the area skies will experience a rare and dazzling event, as a full solar eclipse sweeps across Saranac Lake – and you're invited to join the celebration!

A man in a wheelchair on a pathway in downtown Saranac with flowers alongside near the river.
An older man and woman with a baby in a stroller on an easy walk in the woods
Three kids on a bridge overlooking the river
People walking through a sunny forest
Two people stand on a street in Saranac Lake wearing solar eclipse glasses and looking into the sky

Seasons happen

"Weather" we like it or not, spring can present some challenging forecasts. Snow can last longer at high elevations, and with melt, some dangerous conditions can form with ice and mud. This is fine because we just have a good excuse then to stick to fun low-elevation activities! There are still options for hikes that are appropriate for spring adventures. Pick your path at the Paul Smith's VIC, and don't forget to stop at their Butterfly House to appreciate the creatures that embody the true spirit of spring rejuvenation. The Bloomingdale Bog trail lives up to its name in the spring, with wild columbines beaming with color in the woodland portion of the hike, and bog laurel bursting with bright pink flowers in the scenic wetland areas along the way. 

Biking is excellent in the spring, both in town and throughout the region, and mountain bike enthusiasts will be keen to check out Harrietstown Bike Park. Explore the attractions around town on foot or by bike (rentals are available at several locations around town), and access wonderful birding areas, like the Lake Colby Causeway or the Adirondack Rail Trail, the new multi-use recreational trail that connects the scenic communities of Lake Placid, Ray Brook, Saranac Lake, Lake Clear, and Tupper Lake. Once the ice melts off lakes and ponds, Common Loons make their way back to Saranac Lake, along with other species of birds. Visitors and locals alike can learn about these iconic birds at the informative and fun Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation.

Two adults point and look through a pair of binoculars at birds in a forested setting
People entering the colorful butterfly house
Folks learning about history at the Saranac Lake Laboratory Museum
Two woman checking out art at an exhibit.

A vibrant culture

Saranac Lake's all-inclusive environment allows the community to thrive as a sanctuary for all things arts, and that's evident with a relaxing stroll in the village. Numerous galleries and studios, which run frequent featured shows, offer quiet spaces to stop into and soak in locally-inspired sculptures, photography, and paintings. If it's showering outside, the sidewalks come alive with community-selected poems from the Raining Poetry Project, which are only revealed after a rainstorm. In addition to it Saranac Lake's lively present-day culture, step into its storied history this Spring by visiting any of the museums, notable landmarks, and cultural centers. 

A poem on the sidewalk only seen after a rain.
A woman serves a smoothie in a mason jar at a bar.
A woman paddling a blue kayak in the river.
A man and a woman paddling a blue canoe in the water.


Saranac Lake is surrounded by lakes and ponds, with endless miles of paddling easily accessible from downtown! Canoes and kayaks can be launched right in town on Lake Flower or on the Saranac River. The town is well-known as a world-class paddling destination, even being featured on Paddling Magazine! Saranac Lake is home to New York state's only designated Canoe Area, the 18,400 acre Saint Regis Canoe Area. Head out on the calm, glassy waters for a couple hours of leisure lake-life, or try your hand at island camping and spend a peaceful night stargazing next to the campfire. Explore five paddling routes to complete the Saranac Lake Paddling Challenge and earn a patch – or come during June for the Celebrate Paddling ADK festival, which features lectures and historical discussions at local establishments, a river cleanup, and paddling activities on nearby waters. 

In spring, even when the air temperature is warm, waters can remain cool, due to snowmelt and other factors. Paddling might be a refreshing change of pace from skiing and snowshoeing, but it's important to prepare for cold water conditions to keep your paddling trip is safe. 

Love your ADK

The magic of the Adirondacks is the result of previous generations taking a long view and protecting the mountains, lakes, and rivers within the Blue Line. That tradition continues today as we support and encourage everyone to practice Leave No Trace ethics, which help protect the lands and waters of the Adirondacks. 

You can pledge to Love Your ADK or find more information at www.LoveYourADK.org.