Saranac Lake's locals are decidedly fascinating

Home. Where you lay your head, where your heart resides. From the village’s early days, through the tuberculosis era, to today, Saranac Lake has attracted a range of unique and wonderful residents. As remarkable as the village and the area around it is, those who live here give the area it’s distinctive atmosphere.

Who calls Saranac Lake home? Artists, who paint, sculpt, photograph, and more, inspired by the natural surroundings, the unique history, and their great neighbors. Writers, who bring the sparkle of lakes and the grandeur of mountains come to life on the page. Physicians and nurses, who care for those who need it most. Craftsmen, who build homes and boats, and fix our historic cure porches. Guides, who help newcomers and beginners find their way in the outdoors. Teachers and educators, who help students receive an amazing education in a land of stunning natural beauty.

We are a village of historians, mechanics, jewelry makers, shopkeepers, reporters, and so much more. We love where we live and we love to share it with you.