Mountain biking trails in Saranac Lake

It's not all hiking and paddling in Saranac Lake. Mountain biking is where it's at. Have you heard the news? Saranac Lake is home to some great places to mountain bike! There's downhill excitement at Mount Pisgah and a fun trail network to explore at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center. 

Mt Pisgah

Besides having Saranac Lake's only machine-built flow trail, The Cure, Mount Pisgah also has a 5-mile trail network of moderate to difficult paths to enjoy. Barkeater Trails Alliance (BETA) built all of the trails on the mountain, and regularly maintains them! While it may not be easy to get to the top of Pisgah, those who do will be rewarded with awesome views of the Saranac River, the Mckenzie Range, and Whiteface Mountain. 

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Dewey Mountain Recreation Center

Affectionally called "Dewey" by locals, Dewey Mountain Recreation Center is a cross-country ski and snowshoe center in the winter that recently became a mountain biking center in the warmer months. Dewey's 5.5 miles of singletrack trails are stacked, meaning they get more difficult the farther you venture from the parking area. The Mumbly Peg trail gains 450 feet of elevation as it takes riders to the top of the mountain. It's especially nice in fall! The over 5 miles of trails were opened up in 2013, after 4 years of work done by BETA and an army of volunteers. The trails here fully dry out a little later than most trails, so be cognizant of the conditions, and check out some of the other area trails when Dewey isn't in. 

Bloomingdale Bog 

By far the mellowest trail on this list, the Bloomingdale Bog trail is an easy, scenic ride along an abandoned railroad corridor. The path is wide, straight, level, and absolutely easy to follow, making this a perfect choice for anyone who just wants to cruise past one scenic vista after another — and make no mistake, the wetlands along this route are gorgeous to say the least.

Fowler's Crossing

One of the newer trail systems, Fowler's Crossing, located on state Forest Preserve Lands, is currently under development. While progress is ongoing, a couple miles of single track have been built by BETA that capitalize on previously well-established trails, like the Jackrabbit Trail, to create a network of beginner-friendly trails that weave through a picturesque pine forest. 

Adirondack Rail Trail

Once finished, the Adirondack Rail Trail will help connect many of the mountain biking trails in the region. Itineraries that include the Rail Trail will be a must, since you could hop off at the Harrietstown pump track to practice your turns, then zoom over to another trail system. Fowler's crossing is accessible right from the Rail Trail, in addition to others being in such close proximity. 

Ride with Gratitude 

We invite you to take the Ride with Gratitude pledge and live out the principles that help make our trails accessible and here for good. 

Respect this gift

Riding trails on public or private lands is a gift, not a right. That hiker we just passed? She might own the land we’re riding on. With every ride, let’s remember to be grateful for the landowners and others who make it possible.

Protect nature

Enjoy nature, don’t ruin it. Keep on the trails. Erosion is our single highest impact when we’re out riding. Skidding causes erosion. Cutting corners can cut off access. Riding muddy trails messes it up for everyone. If we see animals, don’t bother them, remember them. Pick up trash, pack it out, carpool here and back.

Care for others 

We share the trails with others, and they have the same rights and responsibilities as each of us. If someone needs help, we help. If someone needs encouragement, we share our enthusiasm. And if it’s going to make the situation better, we dismount. Be nice, yield to others, and give a smile.

Be the example

We know our limits, and we ride within them. Beyond the ride, let’s park where we’re supposed to keep the tunes to a dull roar, and leave the IPAs for après somewhere else. Reckless behavior? A simple, polite call out will do.

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Route 3
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92 Mt. Pisgah Lane
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Mt Pisgah features a 5-mile network of fun and flowy trails for mountain bikers and other non-motorized uses. This is home to the region's only machine-built flow trail - The Cure - which is named, along with the rest of the trails, in recognition of...
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Route 86
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
The Bloomingdale Bog Trail is a scenic, end-to-end path that follows an old railroad corridor that connects Saranac Lake to Bloomingdale. The entire route is wide, level, and mostly straight, making it perfect for a casual stroll or bike ride.
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Fowler's Crossing is a mellow mountain biking trail How to get there By the numbers Mountain biking
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