Surrounded by stories

All communities are filled with stories, and Saranac Lake is no exception! Between locals born and raised here, residents who moved to Saranac Lake and call it home, and visitors coming through to play and stay in our community, there is a story about Saranac Lake at every turn.

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5 Reasons to go Birding in Saranac Lake

As an avid birder and board member for Northern New York Audubon, it’s safe to say that I’m always on the lookout for birds. I used to have my home office set up with my desk facing Lake Flower so I could watch for ducks, loons, eagles, and gulls. It wasn’t at all distracting. Even when I’m not actively (or passively) observing birds, I get text messages asking if I can identify something someone saw somewhere. In addition to casual lakeside birding and electronic ID’ing, my favorite region to go birding is in the Saranac Lake. Why? I could list a million reasons, but here are the top five reasons why I think you should make S

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