Meet our artists and discover unique works of art!

In a town full of artists, artisans, writers, musicians, and more creative individuals who simply can't be defined (in a good way), there is no shortage of brilliant art to view, enjoy, and even purchase. Join local creatives at events where artisans share their work in the decidedly beautiful and inspiring scenery of Saranac Lake.

Studio Tours & ArtMarkets

After a prolonged pause, Studio Tours has made a comeback, inviting the public into artists' home studios. It's a unique opportunity to observe the artistic process, delve into sources of inspiration, and appreciate the final masterpieces. Gain insights into techniques, witness works in progress, and mark your calendar for the studio visits scheduled on the last weekends of July and September. Navigate through scenic driving routes with maps and artist lists that are available on the ArtWorks website and at local galleries.

A woman looks at an assortment on prints

ArtWorks also has a tent at the weekly summer Farmers Market, Saturdays from 9 to 1 p.m. in Riverside Park. Artists take turns displaying and selling their work. Depending upon interest, there may be an outdoor ArtMarket sometime in the summer as well. 

Most of our artists will welcome visitors to their home studios throughout the year, but appointments must be made in advance.

Contact for more information.