Explore the arts of the Adirondacks

A decidedly creative mountain town

Decide to be creative this summer. Discover a community bustling with unique people, places, and opportunities. Saranac Lake is an unparalleled town bursting with art and expression at every turn. In this town, it's not just about the art. It's about a creative culture, likeminded people, and an open space to explore! Saranac Lake is a place where people connect and ideas are shared among the mountains and lakes. Don't believe me? Wait until you see our Third Thursday Art Walks.

Murals fill the streets and music fills the air! A walk around this creative community will reveal all sorts of unique creative expressions, be it large scale paintings or a scavenger hunt for recycled bug sculptures!

Locals take immense pride in their work. From the food they cook in our restaurants, to the paintings hanging in our galleries, creativity flows through these streets. Come be a part of something decidedly different, and experience it for yourself. We've got plenty to explore; whether you're an artist, a writer, or have yet to find a creative bone in your body. This quirky town will inspire anyone.

a woman paints the trees in the park

Creative ways to fill your days

Saranac Lake has plenty to show off, and its art is no exception! Each summer, the town hosts a number of artistic events that will capture your imagination. You don't have to be Picasso to be a part of these vibrant get togethers. Saranac Lake is home to wide variety of creative events. Art-focused events like the ArtMarkets or Plein Air Festival bring artists from around the country to paint in the open air of the Adirondacks, but the summer doesn't limit itself to just paints. This season is filled with musical and theatrical performances at the Pendragon Theater, live music, art classes, and other non-artistic opportunities to let that creativity shine.

a band plays for a large crowd in the park
man sells vases that he has made
people look at art on the street
bug sculpture on outside wall
woman plays guitar on the sidewalk

Live music to our ears

Visual arts aren't the only thing in this town! Live music is always playing around town, whether that's in the park or at venues like The Waterhole and BluSeed. Blues, opera, bluegrass, and more — Saranac Lake hosts all sorts of music from local and out of town bands. Want to give it a listen? Learn more about all the musical opportunities that Saranac Lake has to offer!

E.g., 01/26/2023
02/01/23 The Makers Circle
BluSeed Studios
Saranac Lake
Informational flyer
02/01/23 Open Mic at the Great Hall Bar
Great Hall Bar at the Hotel Saranac
Saranac Lake
Open Mic at the Great Hall Bar