Long Pond to Pink Pond's

I am sure glad I took advantage of the nice weather we had last week before the moisture settled in for an overextended stay - kind of like that third cousin who shows up unexpectedly with 1987 mobile camper with no exhaust and three hounds – not that I would know what that is like.

I decided to only get out one kayak at this point and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into on the waters of the Saint Regis Canoe Area. I had my thoughts focused on a small paddle in waters not typically visited, but my plans changed, last minute, as they so often do. I set sights of Long Pond and a couple secluded gems to the north; Lower Pink Pond and Upper Pink Pond. On the map, you will see upper labeled as Pink Pond, I took the liberty to name them for reference purposes.

The carry isn't all that long from Floodwood Road to the putin but, when you have a 12 foot behemoth of a boat on your shoulder it seems like eternity. I have yet to invest in a lightweight kayak, I'm sure I will someday as my body breaks down and I start walking tilted to one side from muscle overgrowth, but until then I enjoy my ride.

After I got in the water the peace soothed my mind and I forgot all about the carry that I would have to do later. I love, Love, LOVE the Saint Regis Canoe Area. No motorboats allowed on these waters make paddling such a worry free sport. Then with the peaceful sounds of water breaking against the bow and the faint cackling laughter of a pileated woodpecker in thebackground, is just the icing.

It doesn't take much time to get to the Lower Pink Pond outlet, but it is a bit tough to see until right on top of it. I have to admit I had only been here once before and was looking forward to a return visit. The outlet on the map doesn't look float worthy but it truly is. Very narrow inspots but plenty deep enough for the draw of any canoe or kayak.

Lower Pink Pond, as majestic as it can be, opens up wide to swallow my imagination. Lined with conifers, you could hear the rustling in the trees of creatures not used to seeing such a large red fish, aside from that, no sounds. I worked my way across the open water to find the outlet of Upper Pink Pond and the narrows that welcome those willing to go the extra. I first found the outlet of Ledge Pond, which was not navigable, the true outlet I wanted was just a bit east. Upper Pink Pond, a bit smaller in size but just as large in heart. It might have taken me five minutes to paddle the perimeter if I wanted to, but I would only be racing myself. The day was getting late due to my impeccable morning commitment to slapping the snooze button, so I retraced my step and back to the carry I was. It was such a good day; I don't even remember the portage back to the car. I think I will be back here a few more timesin the very near future to check out Slang Pond and Mountain Pond.

Interested in paddling in the Saint Regis Canoe Area, seek out a local guide service for details. Maybe a bite to eat after you get done playing on the water? Saranac Lake's got it for you.


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Spencer Morrissey is an Adirondack native and to this day resides and works in the park. He works as a community developer, smart growth planner, recreational consultant, and licensed guide. He is the owner of Incapahcho Wilderness Guides a publishing company, and co-owner of Mountain Goats, LLC an Adirondack Guide Service based out of Lake Placid and Cranberry Lake. Spencer is a 5-time 46er and a winter 46er, a fire-tower challenger completer, a finisher of the Adirondack 100-highest, and is in the pursuit of climbing all the names peaks in the Adirondack Park. Spencer is a published author with titles; “The Other 54,” “Adirondack Trail Runner,” and “Adirondack Trail Skier,” with other titles always in progress.

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