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Thoughtful and in-depth post Pamela. One bigfoot news you may not be aware of is a video shoot on Cobble Hill in Lake Placid back in 2013. It was for an ANCA campaign but we posted some behind the scenes too!

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Thanks! That was great :)

That's just stupid

My sighting on sleeping beauty in napa state ny  ,when reating on a rock looked up the trail seen something stading behind a tree just staring at me was not human  iam willing to be hyntised to rember details happend in may 4 2014 did not plan to walk up that mountain all by self at all but did  when stareted to walk toward the ?  Heard 3 knocks  and then it was gone i still can not figure it out pleas help no plublisty sorry for the spelling 

We've found foot prints, a nest, trail markers, and a territory marker at our place in Bleecker (southern Adirondacks).  The most compelling, though, was found after driving down a dry dirt road, which "dusted" the back of my car.  There, as clear as a bell, was a massive hand print.  Next to it was a second thumb print.   Anyone caring to see a photo of it can see it on my blog -

After finishing our vacation up at Saranac Lake in late August 2015 we were awakened  at 2 in the morning by what sounded like afaint scream that was going from one side of the lake and then being responded from something on the other side. This went on for about a half hour. Then you could hear what sounded like deep howls after. Strange..... Really strange.

More than likely that was a red fox.  They sound a lot like a person screaming at times, very very eerie, and they can also howl.

In the late 80's and early 90's I lived near Whitehall but on the Vermont side.    Though i saw nothing concrete there was a lot of strange events that occured.    I have no doubt the big guy is around there.

I never realized they were here but believe they are!! This was a very interesting article I sent it to some of my friends.

I enjoyed the story and was surprised, I never even thought of them being in our area. I do believe they are here now after reading the comments. Why wouldn't they be here versus somewhere else??  They can be anywhere.

really people if there was a yeti or whatever. dont you think with all the teck,today they would find and i believe in fairy?????????

Who says there are no findings?   10,000 sighting reports, one million foot prints cast, and the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film are all findings.  As for me personally, my wife and I have found foot prints, hand prints on our car, recorded vocalizations, tree bends, and one sighting at the beginning of May.  Sasquatch are all over the Adirondacks.  They are very reclusive and don't like being around people, and so select the most remote areas of forest to habitate.  Your chances of seeing one, let alone photographing one, are slim to none.


Never been to Saranac Lake and I live less than one hundred miles away. Do I believe in Big Foot,Yes!! With out a doubt. Thier's a lot of good evidence out there foot print's being  number one,pictures of course and dna. What I would like to know is how the the community of Saranac lake think about this ? Would they like to be similar to "Port Henry" NY and the infamous "Champ"


Hi Eric.  I spend summers living in a cabin in Bleecker.  Bleecker is heavily populated with Sasquatches.  We've seen them twice, heard them, smelled them, and have found footprints and hand prints on my car.  I'm blown away.

I live in the southern Adirondacks near Bleecker and have had answers to my tree knocking on several occasions. There is no way that anyone is within a mile of this when its happened. All private property

and done at different times of day. I believe bigfoot is here

Ive been going to Saranac Lake since i was born. Ive heard many stories about Bigfoot in the Adirondacks. I am a true believer of bigfoot. I've watched Finding Bigfoot since it first came out. I believe there is a bigfoot in the Adirodacks. 

hey my family was born in sar and tupper lake . my dad is now 83 yrs old. he love saranac lake. but how come all the years his family never in his live heard of bigfoot or seen anything. in the 40 up to the 70;s he camp on top of mountains and everything. why did someone make up this story.... 2 funny to me. have a good day. lol

I lived with them all around me for three years.  But it wasn't until late in the second year that I realzed the odd things I'd found and heard were Sasquatch.   Unless you're very observant and know what signs to look for, you simply won't see them.  And it is extremely, extremely rare to actually see one.   I've never seen one, and my wife only saw one that allowed her to for a few brief seconds, and then it was gone.  They are very intelligent, and very shy and elusive.  You're in their element.

If you want the whole story, in detail, it is in my book "Living Among Sasquatch:  A Primer", available on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from your local bookstore.

Once you realize  and pay attention to certain things that you have been hearing and listening to for all these years and thought nothing of......such as... whistles...tree knocks.. a  decent size tree that just happened to be snapped 7-9 feet from the ground  and then realizing that there a few of them snapped the same and they are all pointed in the same direction.......hmmmmm.....yeah..

I would love to go on an expedition. Wonderful reporting, everyone. 

I have seen the snapped healthy trees 7 to 8 feet high i have smelled them i have heard rocks being thrown and wildlife completly go quiet when it or they come.all of this happened near the town of ohio town of russia border in oneida county \herkimer county line. I was screamed or yelled at by a large powerful very loud being. I was not able to see it but i did hear it crashing through the woods directly after. I had never been so scared it literally froze me .i could not swallow or walk or do literally rattled my ribs and heart. I am a firm believer and feel very thankful that i experienced those things

My mom seen a large hairy figure out our living room window.  And I  have heard these awful screams with high and low pitched screams followed by what sounds like trees knocking on each other several times. We've had tree's that have been broken and laying in the same spot. For the last month atleast 3 times a week have been seeing and hearing stuff.  

I suggest that anyone who has had a Sasquatch encounter contact Bill Brann at the Northern Sasquatch Research Society, based in New York.  There is contact information on their website.  Bill is a great guy and a well respected researcher.  He was the head researcher in the famed Whitehall encounter witnessed by many people, including police officers.

Late last spring i hiked the NPT from Long Lake to Lake Placid. Snow was still present, crusty and deep. I was the first to complete the trek that spring. At a lean- to i was awakened around 5 am by a siren-like wail. I was tired and groggy and dismissed the sound as a DOT plow trucks siren. After hearing it a couple more times it dawned on me that i was nowhere near a road and this sound was getting closer. I was now at full attention and it was then that i also recognized tree knocking sounds mixed intermittantly between wails. I was now fully geared, wary and ready with hatchet and knife in hand in case i had to defend myself. I had loaded up my fire pit with my remaining wood in hopes that the smell of smoke might deter whatever it was from my camp. The sounds came, as best i can figure, within 100 yards of the lean-to. I never saw anything. The sounds stopped for maybe 5 minutes then the wails sounded off again a good ways to the northwest and gradually disappeared.  I gathered up my things and dowsed the fire. The path went directly towards the area the sounds had come from. I moved cautiously in that direction looking all about for any type of sign of anything. The only tracks i crossed were older sets of previously made deer tracks. Nothing else. After a mile or so i dismissed the encounter from mind and finished my trip without incident. It wasnt till maybe a month or so later i happened to be flipping through the tv channels and saw a bigfoot special based in the adirondacks and that reminded me of my incident so i tuned in. As soon as i flipped it on there was this guy attempting to call to a bigfoot and he mimiced the EXACT sounds that i had heard. I had no visual or physical encounter or evidence to go along with the sounds i heard, i have no idea what made them but, to say the least, that was weird. Im gonna do the same trip again in September.

There are reported Sasquatch sightings all over upstate New York and the Adirondacks.  If you were near Benson when you heard the vocalization, I can tell you with confidence there are Sasquatch there.  My place is only a few miles away in Bleecker and we lived with them around us for three years.  Only one sighting though.  Sasquatch are very stealthy and you're in their domain.  It knows you're there long before you'll be aware of it, and you'll only see it if it wants you to.

I had a farm in Meco not far from Bleecker, I would ride up on weekends from Long Island  and stay and work on my farm.  One night while letting my dogs out around 10 PM I turned on the spotlights so I could see the dogs and all of a sudden there was this hellish scream, my dogs ran over the top of me to get in the house. I told my husband about it and the next weekend he came with me and the same thing happened, this time my husband beat me and the dogs in the house.  It continued at night when ever we would turn on a spotlight or if we were driving in the driveway with the car lights. My brother who also stayed at my house moved away because he was scared, he worked in security and would come home late at night and he would hear the loud screams and hollering close to the house. My miniature horses were always breaking threw the fence and running away for no apparent reason. Our property had a stream and alot of apple trees and of course deer, I think that is what attracted them. Some mornings I would get up and the apple trees looked like they were shaken and their would be apples all over the ground.One day I was on my deck and I saw a huge dark figure at a distance walking back and forth in the field, I got out my binoculars but they werent strong enough to identify it, I thought it was a hunter but then I realized at this distance it was to big to be a hunter. and there was no quad or truck in the area. I never heard of Big foot at the time I had no idea there was such a thing, but I sold the farm because it was to frightening for me to stay.

Thanks for this. It's stories like this that convinced me long ago that the thing is very real. Someday we will have enough proof, but I kind of like it now. If they are found out to the skeptics then there will be hunters and such out there. No good

Your account reminds me of an event back around the fall of 2010. I was working on a phone line in Parishville NY, up on White Hill near Sterling Pond. I'm often alone and in complete silence for hours at a time. I heard a long wail not unlike a howler monkey. I later joked with a coworker from South Colton and asked if he knew of any Adirondack primates. We both laughed at the prospect. Then I heard it again. I was feeding the fish and my wife was watching TV nearby. I then heard the same type of wail coming from the TV as I had experienced recently. I asked her what she was watching and she said "A bigfoot special". This sent chills down my spine. According to the program it was a call of a sasquatch and the scientist familiar with vocalization determined it was not human nor from an identifiable primate. Note that I gave spent many hours alone in the woods and I'm familiar with many calls, from loons to coyotes but never heard anything like it.

Simple as this. People who are not open minded enough are not going to believe in these beings until they are in there living room. There are thousands of pieces of viable evidence but it's not good enough for the skeptics. If they found someone who was a expert on this topic to take them deep into a hotspot their mind would change sooner than later.

Not to toot my own horn, but I wrote a book about our Sasquatch around our cabin in the Adirondacks.  It is called "Living Among Sasquatch: A Primer", which chronicles my experiences over three years from being a complete unbeliever to coming to know that these things are real.  Experienced 'Squatchers get a kick out of it, but it is written for someone new to this subject.  It explains the signs to look for and much about their behavior and how to interact with them.  

Hi Dave Bigfoot is all around in Lake placid NY. And they are not on a vacation like someone committed. Just recently.

When you add it all up something is there. What convinced me was honest people reporting seeing this without the precondition of expecting to see something like that. Especially inNY!. People I know around Scananadaga lake know it's around but tend to just leave it alone. It's harmless mostly.

I live in Lake placid NY. for years and I camp in the woods right outside of Lake placid off the road about 5mins from Price chopper going towards saranacLake in the woods to the right next to a state park sign is believe me Sasquatch's all over the area in the woods when people talk about Hippy's from the 60s going to hang out at hippy Comines I know people think I'm crazy but I'm not I'm 56 years of age and traveled to alot places and I will say it again there in the woods in lakeplacd not to far from Pr.chopper I have great evidence to prove my exspiriance

What others think doesn't matter to me at all.  I lived with them all around our cabin for three years.  They are, indeed, as the Iroquois said.  The keepers of the forest.  They are not animals, and they are certainly not dangerous.  Take comfort when you camp and they are around you, because they will protect you.

Bigfoot is very smart, and has a since of humor . They seem to know your there right when you step into the woods , which is there home. One thing I notice in the years of living in and around the Anderondacks, is that most people don't have a clue of what's going on around them. most people come up here ,and shop in the Lake placid stores ,and eat at the local restraints.They are probelly , not thinking why they are chomping on a ham sandwich. That Bigfoot is near buy licking his or hers chops , and when the Anderondack exspierence is over back to the town ,or city from whence you came from. And bigfoot likes it like that.

Mr.Gibson . I try to be humorous when it comes to this subject ,I would like to think when I am camping in the woods at night in my tent , and any little sound in the woods might not be a little furry cuddly creature. I would hope that , if it is Bigfoot coming to investigate me in my little bubble of a dome tent. Isn't going to pop me like a little balloon, yes I admit I'm a little afraid , I wonder if he or she is just as friendly as smoky the teddy bear. I know people say they are friendly , but the thought of a 8 to 10 foot creature looking down on me in the woods at night is say the lease pretty hair raising experience. How many apples should I leave out side of my tent, so I can keep it freindly?.

Joshua, from my experience, Sasquatch won't take anything if only one is left for them.  If you want it to take an apple, leave it at least two.

So far as Sasquatch being dangerous, I don't buy into that at all.   The Iroquois call them "the keepers of the forest" for a good reason.  They watch over and protect it, and its residents.  When my wife and I first moved into our cabin in the woods, we had predators everywhere.  Bears, coyotes, foxes, etc.  The Sasquatch moved in and they all took off.  In three years, not only didn't it not harm us, it protected our three dogs and three cats.  We never lost a pet.

There is no documented case of a Sasquatch ever attacking a person.  Only scary campfire stories.  If you have Sasquatch about, enjoy them and take comfort that you're safe.

Dave Gibson would you please email me personnally.-Thanks-----Ken

Maybe I just don't know where to look, but you can email me at

Hi Dave Gibson anything new happening around the ADK, with big foot. I wonder if he or she is active around here in the winter up here.

But to answer your question, I've never seen any signs whatsoever in the winter.  I think they just hunker down to conserve energy.

Hi everybody in big foot land. Can some body out there do a new post, Iam getting bored waiting.I need new action. Did anybody see Mr. Big foot, oh by the way I heard big foot likes music, like mosark.Maybe that should keep him calm. I would not want a 9 to 10 foot tall creature, to go on a rampage, through the woods, and I be the target.Maybe I should bring a couple of apples with me like Dave suggested.And maybe big foot dances,and iam not talking about dances with wolves. With a little rock and roll music.I think maybe he can do the Watoosi.This is Joshua signing off. oh and Jesus says no fear, perfect Love cast out fear.

Joshua reaching out tp whoever is out there in big foot land near Lake placid and saranaclake. I heard it through the great vine trough the woods past grandmas place up and over scarface Mt. And beyond. There is a bunch them folks out there.Can any body concure to what i heard. It seams to me that bigfoot is more alive and living well around here than some of the people that i see walking around here. The walking dead. People get your heads out of the computer world , and get a little sun shine. Joshua. Signing out but ready to recieve ,and wait for a reply.

Bigfoot in the Adirondacks

Does Bigfoot live in the Adirondacks? Or is he just here for a vacation?

While discussions about Bigfoot can seem rather recent in our United States history, Native Americans have talked about Sasquatch for hundreds of years. Often considered a West Coast phenomenon, sightings have also appeared all over the Adirondacks, from Saranac Lake in the north to a famous sighting in Whitehall, in the southern foothills. If this is indeed a myth, it is a remarkably durable one.

wilderness dweller?

According to legend, Bigfoot is a giant anthropoid ape-like creature, very hairy, and very smelly. This could explain the report of a highly pungent, neglected-human smell in a wilderness area near Moody Pond. 

In fact, in Florida, Bigfoot is known as a skunk ape. The first time I went to college, it was in Florida, and many of my classmates lived cheaply in the nearby trailer park in the Green Swamp. When I went to a party there, I discovered that most of the local residents had a skunk ape story.

One woman was washing dishes when she looked up through her kitchen window. She found herself staring into a hairy surprised face only a foot from her own. Apparently it was a comedic moment where both of them screamed and the skunk ape ran away. As a typical trailer configuration, her home was mounted on cement blocks. For this intruder to be face-to-face with her he was at least eight feet tall.

Remote places seem to breed Bigfoot tales, since they are considered close kin to the Abominable Snowmen, or Yeti, of the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. And in the late 1950s, permits were issued to US expeditions climbing the high mountains that detailed proper Yeti handling.

a Yeti memo from the embassy written on State Department letterhead

According to Embassy Counselor Ernest Fisk, writing on November 30, 1959, all expeditions must first buy a permit. Secondly, the group was cautioned that the beast could be either photographed or taken alive, but "it must not be killed or shot at except in an emergency arising out of self defense." Thirdly, any such discoveries indicating the existence of the Abominable Snowman had to be cleared through the Nepalese government. It would have been a public relations bonanza. If it had ever occurred.

perfect environment

The Northern Sasquatch Research Society has collected more than 200 eyewitness accounts of encounters. Some of them are seemingly simple, like the reports of rocks being thrown at people. Longtime Sasquatch investigator Bill Brann tells the story of man who thought the splashing and thunking were from a beaver in the water, until the rocks started hitting very close to where he was standing. They were the size of a basketball. One struck the man's vehicle, but the story did not detail the possible reactions of the insurance adjuster.

My husband remembers a story from when he was a young child, spending summers in Saranac Lake. From the adults talking about it, and a memory of its coverage on the local news, he recalls that a woman was driving in a remote area. She stopped because it looked like a bear was lying in the middle of the road. She got out of her car to investigate the motionless figure.

But as she approached she realized two important things. It wasn't a bear. And it had woken up.

She raced it back to her car and got in, but the creature pulled the door off. But at that point another car appeared and frightened it away. I have not found any accounts of this, but it would've taken place in the early 1960s, before such things were exhaustively catalogued on the Internet.

Sharon Ellis drew this sketch after listening to eyewitness reports.

Another local story is told by an adult and it happened in the summer of 1996. A group of friends were camping in the Pine Pond area, at the base of Mt. Ampersand. As dusk fell they were fishing from a canoe. The two were chatting and the witness was scanning the northern bank of the lake, a place they were familiar with... except for a strange shape on the edge of the wood line, 50 yards away.

When it was pointed out, the friend immediately saw it, too. Both recalled later that it reminded them of a black bear standing broadside. They began to row cautiously toward it. The friend whispered "it's a bear" but then the shape stood up, revealing that it "had been crouching there on its feet like a catcher from a baseball team." Now that it was upright, it looked at least seven feet tall with dark brown hair, with a face that was fleshy around the upper cheeks. Dark eyes were clearly visible and "had a brightness about them." Both agreed they saw the creature moving its head and hands and that it looked at them for long seconds, maybe as long as ten seconds, with its head tilted up as though sniffing the air.

The sound of snapping twigs some fifty feet behind it made the creature spring into action. It turned to its side, then checked on the canoe before spinning completely around, "darting into the wood line like a cat."

The two friends floated in the canoe debating on the wisdom of paddling to shore to look for tracks. The witness's wishes to get away were overridden by the curiosity of their companion, but upon investigation they did found two markings in the sand, rather blurred from the pivoting movements of its feet.

The witness found the whole experience extremely upsetting, even though the creature did not act threatening, and every sound that night kept them awake. The people who did not have the experience claimed they saw a bear. "It was no bear."

This is the part I find most convincing. Over and over, such accounts from experienced campers, hikers, anglers, and hunters confirm the fact that while it might have looked something like a bear, it wasn't one. These experienced wilderness folks agree that their experience didn't sound like, walk like, or have a head like, a bear.

famous whitehall sightings

This is especially true of what is considered the most spectacular Adirondack sightings: the famous Whitehall events of the mid-seventies. This little town nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Park has a local history of sightings that stretch back hundreds of years. According to "Monsters of New York: Mysterious Creatures in the Empire State," by Bruce G. Hallenbeck, the events began on August 24, 1976.

Teenagers Martin Paddock, Paul Gosselin, and Bart Kinney were in a field near Abair Road, just outside of town. As told to Bill Brann of The Northern Sasquatch Research Society, the three were driving in a truck when they saw a "large human form" standing on the side of the road. After turning around in an attempt to get a better look, loud squealing/screaming began.

As the figure began running toward them, Gosselin urged the driver to "get the hell out of here." Paddock did so, burning a measured fifty seven feet of rubber in the process. They went to the police to report the incident... only to be met with skepticism.

However, Gosselin's father, Wilfred, remembered hearing an eerie screaming in the area the previous year. He rounded up two other men and set off for Abair Road. The creature was still there.

this image, from 1976, is of the "Whitehall Bigfoot" and is one of the best documented of all Bigfoot sightings

Gosselin stated: "It scared me -- it scared me a lot. What really attracted me was the eyes on it, big red eyes. It just stood there. It didn't move... it was seven to eight feet tall, about 300 to 400 pounds, and it had thick, short, brown, coarse hair. On the head, longer hair."

Brian Kinney was certain about his sighting. "It was no bear, I know that. A bear doesn't walk like that."

Gosselin contributed a lot of detail to subsequent drawings, as seen above. Another sighting occurred that night, near where other law enforcement officials found nineteen-inch tracks near the Poultney River Bridge. Casts made from these tracks have dermal ridges, like fingerprints.

Whitehall resident Paul Bartholomew, author of "Monsters of the Northwoods"

People don't come across Bigfoot in areas with lots of people, or in broad daylight. Glimpsed instead of seen, heard late at night or in the tricky dusk, and always mysterious, Bigfoot stories are excellent tales to tell around the campfire, deep in the woods.

And that's when we are most likely to... have an encounter.

Up the odds! Plan a visit to Saranac Lake. Choose a favorite way to get out into the wilderness. And remember to bring that camera.

Header Photo: Mysterious Kentucky. Whitehall Bigfoot photo: Bartholomew photo from Yeti instructions from US News & World Report. All others by The Northern Sasquatch Research Society.

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