A Quintessential Holiday Experience

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year in the Adirondack Mountains. In our house, the day after Thanksgiving marks the first day of the holiday season. On this day, it has become a tradition for us to welcome the holiday spirit by cutting down our Christmas tree at a local tree farm. Over the years, we have had numerous people encourage us to visit Moody Tree Farm, and this year, we finally did.

The epitome of holiday spirit 

We could not have had a more quintessential day for an exceptionally magical experience. When we arrived at the farm, I remember thinking to myself that I was enclosed in the picturesque winter wonderland I’ve always dreamed of. My eyes were immediately drawn to the unique white lights dangling above the farm full of desirable trees and the warm outdoor fireplace surrounded by wooden Adirondack chairs. We just couldn’t resist sitting by the fire, cozy and snug, while enjoying some hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies provided by Moody Farm! It was in this moment that I knew the holiday season will officially begin with a visit to Moody Tree Farm

Take your pick

Moody Tree Farm is a family owned and operated Christmas tree farm offering both balsam fir and fraser fir trees. Each tree has been planted and organically fertilized at Moody Farm, with the sole intention of becoming the perfect Christmas tree for you and your family. We chose to cut our tree down right on the farm, but they also save you the effort by precutting numerous trees, which you can choose from as you stroll through the “tree maze,” searching for your ideal Christmas tree. 

Gifts under the tree

As we walked through the perfectly decorated doorway and into the rustic barn, we stepped into a room brimming with the aroma of balsam fir mixed with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. You can imagine the heavenly state I was starting to sink into. The Moody Farm gift shop has so much more to offer than one can possibly imagine. I didn’t even know where to begin my shopping. From festive handcrafted wreaths to unique tree ornaments and house decorations, all of the ultimate holiday décor I had been longing for was right in front of me. 

My favorite room consisted of homemade balsam fir pillows and cozy fleece blankets. The full-bodied Christmas tree scent instilled this calmness and tranquility over me. There was a countless amount of pillows, with different sizes and patterns to choose from. The balsam fir pillow with the loons print sewed into the fabric was my favorite, as I could picture it fitting perfectly in our living room. They even had balsam fir draft dodgers to place in front of your doorway on those frigid winter nights. I thought that these, along with the pillows, would make great gifts for the holidays. 

Farm animals, too

We were warmly welcomed by several friendly golden retrievers as we arrived at the farm. We later learned that the dogs will bark when people enter the property to let the owners and staff know visitors are there. And as if Moody Farm did not already have enough to offer, they attract locals and visitors alike with their farm animals, too! The Moody family raises goats, pigs, Texas longhorn cattle, and American quarter horses. These well-taken-care-of animals complete the ultimate holiday experience at Moody Tree Farm. I know we will be back in the years to come. Actually, I think maybe we have just started a new tradition in our family. How will you get in the spirit this holiday season? 

After a festive day at the tree farm, head downtown and check out some local art, have dinner, and catch some live music!

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