All the color, all the adventure

The love affair with fall in Saranac Lake is real. It is a season of transition, a switching of gears. Saranac Lake is full of eye-popping views year-round, but it’s hard to deny the unique beauty of autumn in the Adirondacks. From blazing orange to subtle yellow to fire engine red, the trees provide a landscape that is simply unforgettable. During your next fall outing, make sure to take in all Saranac Lake has to offer. While the brilliant red and yellow leaves may steal the show, there's festivities to be found all around town. Don't forget to pack your camera! The stunning fall foliage awaits.

2023 Fall Foliage Reports

Stay tuned for weekly 2023 fall foliage reports!

The best activities for fall fun

Saranac Lake makes the most out of the fall atmosphere. One of these ways is hosting farmers markets! While you might think summer is prime time for farmers and artists to sell their product, fall offers up just as much fresh produce, art pieces, and tradition. Discover the ArtMarket! A collaborative event that allows you to visit and take in the arts of Saranac Lake, or frequent the farmers markets in the park. After you stock up on authentic fall trinkets and tasty foods, fall hiking should be next on your list! While hiking around Saranac Lake is already incredible, pairing the trails with pops of fall colors is the cherry on top!