Lake Clear to Lake Clear Outlet

  • Forest Home Road
    Lake Clear, NY 12945
Lake Clear has much shoreline to explore.

Lake Clear is a popular place for locals to hang out at the beach. It is a great place to swim in part because of the clear water. Lake Clear offers majestic views of St. Regis, Whiteface, McKenzie, Moose, and Seward mountains. But beyond the lake itself, there's more to explore! Lake Clear Outlet wetland plants include eel grass, pickerelweed, cattails, bladderworts, blue flag, leather leaf, yellow pond lilies, white water lilies, steeplebush, and sheep laurel. Look for beavers, otters, painted turtles, and other wildlife.

Getting there

Put-in is at the Lake Clear Beach. There is also an unofficial hand-launch at the outlet at the bridge over Route 30.

Fact check

  • Total Distance:  2 - 4 miles
  • Portages: 200-meter carry from parking lot to the Lake Clear beach
  • Flatwater
  • One-way
  • Motorboats can access the lake from private camps. Lake Clear Outlet Access is an unofficial put-in that is restricted to hand launch


Put in at Lake Clear beach. Explore the shore line at your leisure on your way south to the Lake Clear Outlet. Lake Clear is a mixture of private land and public. The destination for this paddle is the Lake Clear Outlet, which offers a great place to explore plant life. Paddle to the southern end of the lake where you will come to a small opening in the pickerelweed. The waterway flows under the old railroad tracks and Route 30 bridge.

Note that this is the take-out point where you will return to after exploring Lake Clear Outlet. If you wish to continue paddling into Lake Clear Outlet, paddle under the bridge. The waterway gradually widens and eventually ends. Return to the take out at Route 30 bridge at your leisure.

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