Lake Flower

  • Route 86
    Saranac Lake, NY 12983
An aerial view of Lake Flower gives a glimpse of the paddling possibilities.

Lake Flower is a great body of water to paddle around with no destination in mind. It is especially popular for people using paddleboards and kayaks. Located in the center of downtown Saranac Lake, the paddle offers a great view of the downtown area and the mountain ranges. If you choose to venture toward Oseetah Lake you will get more of a feel for the natural environment and have the opportunity to observe birds including great blue herons, common loons, seagulls, and other wildlife. At the southern end of the lake you will encounter bog areas with white water lilies and other bog plants. Much of the land around Lake Flower is privately owned. 

Getting there

Canoers and kayakers can put-in at the DEC boat launch on Route 86 or on Lake Flower Ave near the tennis courts. There is also a two lane motorboat launch and parking at the DEC launch.

Lake information

  • No portages
  • Flat water
  • Round trip or one way
  • Motorboat access is available at Lake Flower Boat Launch


Take your time and paddle at your leisure. Stay to the right out of the way of jet skis and motorboats, which can be especially active on weekends. Lake Flower extends around and flows into Oseetah Lake, and eventually into Lower Saranac Lake and beyond.

Recommended resource: Adirondack Paddler’s Map: The Saranac Lakes


Shoreline fishing is good along Riverside Park. Northern Pike is a favorite catch here. Pike season opens the first Saturday in May to March 15 and the daily limit is five, with a minimum length of 18 inches. Pike are distinct in both looks and personality. Almost weapon-looking, pike live up to their name by being relatively aggressive when it comes to feeding and habitat. Lake Flower has shallow areas that are slow moving and weedy. Fishing for pike in the spring from the shore on this lake can prove to be very rewarding!  

Always Follow State fishing regulations and be sure to pick up a NYS Freshwater Fishing Guide at your local outfitters or regional NYSDEC office.

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