Osgood Pond

  • Brighton, NY 12970
An old tea house on a narrow strip of land in a pond

Osgood Pond, located near the Paul Smith's College VIC, is a 500-acre body of water that has fantastic multi-season fishing, and opportunity for a few different paddling day-trips.

How to get there

There are two launch sites for Osgood Pond. One is a state launch site off of White Pine Road, just over a mile east from Paul Smith's College on the left side of the road. You can continue further down the road about a mile and a half to a stream that leads to Osgood Pond, where another hand launch site is. 

Fishing & ice fishing

Largemouth bass and northern pike have a healthy population in the pond, which is also a popular ice fishing location. 


The Osgood has great little bays you can explore, as well as access to Jones Pond and the popular Osgood River. On the way to the Osgood River you pass by White Pine Camp, a historic Adirondack camp where Calvin Coolidge spent some time during his presidency.