Raining Poetry Project by the Adirondack Center for Writing

Poetry to keep you company in the rain

A project created by Adirondack Center for Writing, presented in partnership with the Village of Saranac Lake‘s Arts & Culture Advisory Board.

“This will be a celebration of rainy weather, something to enjoy rather than to avoid. Our weather here is unpredictable and rarely sunny for long. Rainy weather brings locals and tourists alike out of the woods and into town, and when they come, they will be greeted with poetry at their feet.”

“Coming Soon to a Sidewalk Near You,” Adirondack Daily Enterprise



Since the summer of 2021, people have enjoyed visiting Saranac Lake on a rainy day to see the reveal of poems selected by the community. Poems have been painted throughout downtown at Town Hall, Saranac Lake Free Library, Berkley Green, Saranac Lake Post Office, and the Saranac Lake Skate Park. Parking is available in public lots throughout town with a short walk to visit the poems.

Photo credit: Kirk Sullivan

The Raining Poetry Project features these poems, selected by the public for the display: