Zooming Around in the Fall
So many hikes, so little time
Fall Events: a blaze of glory!

As fall quickly approaches, you may find yourself wondering what to do, see, and experience in the oftentimes cooler temperatures. Well, lucky for you, we have some awesome attractions to not only visit year round, but especially in the fall months, with a sea of colorful leaves surrounding you. 

Farmhouse Go-Carting

Known for their snowmobile tours in the winter, Farmhouse Snowmobiling recently debuted Farmhouse Go-Carting. Now, this isn’t you’re usual, paved go-cart track that you’d find in a theme park or the like. This is a 2-mile dirt track on a 52-acre farm in the heart of the Adirondacks! With a fleet of three carts and looking to expand, Farmhouse Go-Carting is a great activity for fun seekers. You do have to be 16 years old or older to drive the carts, or you can be a passenger if you’re not quite of age yet. Either way, you’re going to have a blast!

A little snippet of the 2 mile dirt track 

I recruited my best, thrill-seeking friend to join me on this new experience for two reasons: 1) Because I knew she’d love it, and 2) I needed someone with me who I knew would push me through my timidness! A self-proclaimed scaredy-cat, I’m really, really, trying to get over it — so this was the perfect acitivity for me. I originally offered to share one car so we could split the cost, but ultimately decided that I would definitely want to be driving my own because, well, let’s just say I know how she can drive. Side note: This is the friend that I begged and begged to slow down as we were riding her jet ski in the middle of the St. Lawrence River going only about 10-20 miles per hour, which I’m told is “slow.”

Anyway, we arrived at the farm in Gabriels, a short ten-minute drive from Saranac Lake, at 12pm on one of the hottest days of the summer; a balmy 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. This weather was pretty ideal for our ride, with a nice breeze washing over us, especially when reaching top speeds.  I look forward to heading back out to the Farmhouse once fall arrives and zipping around the track in the cooler temperatures while surrounded by the colors of autumn. 

Parking area at Farmhouse Go-Carts

Can you guess who went first?

After brief safety and track instructions from the owner, we are situated with our helmets, safety glasses (or your own sunglasses if you prefer), and carts. I kindly let my friend take the lead on the course. We revved our engines and were off! And when I say “off,” I mean my friend left me in the dust! I had never done anything like this before, having only ridden a roller coaster maybe twice in my life, so I was pretty slow to start.

The track is well marked with wooden signs indicating where to go, when to turn, etc

Riders have 45 minutes to complete the 2-mile track as many times as possible. Once I got the feel for the cart and had the track pretty much down, that’s when I really opened her up. I reached my personal top speed of about 25 miles per hour, I would guess, as there wasn’t a speedometer in the cart. It really was something else, something I really had never done before. We twisted and turned through a beautiful field full of tall grass and wild flowers, with tall evergreens surrounding you every now and then. 

Sea of yellow on the farm

Tall Evergreens, among others, for your viewing pleasure

Another reason I was much slower than my friend was the fact that I had to slow down just enough to take decent pictures. After all, you are situated at the base of the High Peaks, in a gas powered go-cart, on a farm, in the Adirondacks, racing around a dirt track - the perfect formula for picture taking! Needless to say, a combination of timidness and picture taking lead to me being lapped by my friend. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see the dirt that the carts kick up quickly approaching and I’m just thinking, “Nooooo! She’s not really lapping me, is she?!?” Yes, yes she is, and she did. I found a safe spot to pull off to the side of the track to let her pass and off she went, again. Good for her and her no fear! I strive to be like you one day, friend!

Had to snap a "Oh man, she really is lapping me" picture...

We each got in one final lap before our time expired and I can almost guarantee that was my fastest loop. We pulled back up to the barn, hesitant to get out of the carts. After asking a few final questions, we made our way down the road to grab some much needed lunch after almost an hour of intense go-carting! Had we timed it correctly, we could’ve stopped at the Tucker Farms Great Adirondack Corn Maze, which is a stones throw down the road from Farmhouse Go-Carts. Alas, we will save that adventure for another day! 

Lots to do in the fall!

Plan your fall trip accordingly and check out not only  go-carts, but many other attractions in the area. Ride along the rails for even more exposure to fall foliage with Rail Explorers.

Riding the rails in the fall is picturesque, to say the least!


Take a trip out to the Paul Smiths College VIC for some stunning Adirondack views.

Autumn views at the VIC are outstanding

Browse around downtown and pop in to our many, unique shops. Surely, you'll need a place to stay while you're here, and some good eats to fuel you for your fall adventures.  You can always find something to do in the Adirondacks' Coolest Place! 


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Author:Marjorie Waterson
So many hikes, so little time
Fall Events: a blaze of glory!

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