Summer Scoop: Five ADK Ice Cream Destinations
Hiking and Birding in Bloomingdale Bog
Exploring Dexter Marsh and Santa Clara Flow

Let me tell you all the reasons why summer in the Adirondacks is the best. The days are extra long and sunny. The High Peaks are prime for hiking. The many lakes and rivers are perfect for paddling. Swimming all day is a reality. All this makes me think of one thing that tops it all off. Ice cream. Every summer adventure needs to be topped with ice cream, and summer is when the local ice cream stands open shop and dazzle us with new (and traditional) flavors. Check out the list below for some suggestions on how to fulfill that perfect summer day with that perfect Adirondack cone. Each of these unique roadside stands is either right on Lake Flower or a minutes drive from it.

Saranac Lake

Everyone loves a cone from Donelly’s. The place is legendary with its 66-year-old machine still churning out mouthwatering soft serve. They change flavors on a daily basis so each day is a new twisted surprise in dairy heaven. You might find the traditional chocolate and vanilla twist, or on Thursday it will be a fruit surprise and on Monday a nut surprise. This past week you could enjoy vanilla twisted with maple walnut. The servings here are healthy (in that they are big), and you can purchase a pint to go. Their speciality is their deliciousness. Check online for the flavor-of-the-day details. 

A major roadside attraction

Teddy’s Ice Cream and Grill

Come for ice cream and stay for dinner. Teddy’s offers a range of grill-ables including burgers, hot dogs, and the North Country classic—Michigans. If you don’t know, Michigans are a steamed hot dog smothered in a North Country specific meat sauce and wrapped in a steamed hot dog bun. This delicacy is a must-try and a local favorite. Teddy’s offers the double pleasure of Michigans and ice cream. They always have a flavor of the week, which so far has included maple, black raspberry, and chocolate peanut butter, to name a few. You can also expect your favorite more traditional flavors.  Can you imagine a more perfect combo than a Michigan and a cone of soft serve?

Make sure to try a Michigan with your ice cream

The Cone Cabin 
Lake Clear

This stand is minutes from Lake Clear Beach, which means you can grab a cone before and after a day of swimming and sun. The Cone Cabin also offers an extensive food menu that features burgers, chicken wings, and handcut fries. You don’t even have to plan what food to bring with you to the beach. Just stop at the Cone Cabin. The burgers here are Adirondack famous. My favorite is the bacon cheeseburger, and there’s a delicious veggie burger too. You can find a new twisted flavor of ice cream each week. I enjoyed a cone of blueberry twisted with vanilla. Oh, and try the Fiesta Fries.

Mountain Mist
Saranac Lake

With its location right on Lake Flower near the boat launch, this stand brings back all the summer memories at the lake. You can grab a scoop and some chili fries from the extensive food menu and sit back in an Adirondack chair right on the dock. They have sundaes, smoothies, and shakes just to name a few other treats. You can expect traditional soft serve flavors and some non-soft serve choices. Check online for their rotating flavors. This week I enjoyed a scoop of raspberry twisted with vanilla and dipped in rainbow sprinkles. You can’t go wrong at this stand.

The Pinecone 

Located right across from Tail O’ the Pup, where you can get your lobster clambake and then hop across the street for dessert. The Pinecone has several delicious options, offering both soft and non-soft serve ice cream. You can get a good old fashioned banana split or root beer float. Or, you can opt for one of their specialty sundaes that include choices like the Salty Caramel, Wet Walnut, or Hot Fudge. There are so many choices. They also have gluten free cones.

Summer is hot in Saranac Lake! Dine in our awesome downtown, then check out some live music and cap off the night in style!



Author:Sabrina Alli
Categories:Family Fun, Summer
Hiking and Birding in Bloomingdale Bog
Exploring Dexter Marsh and Santa Clara Flow

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