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Submitted by guest blogger Bayle Reichert

Curious about fall fishing, I recently stopped in to Blue Line Sports, an outdoor gear store located on Main Street in Saranac Lake, to ask for their tips. I approached one of the many friendly employees, Bob Visicaro, who is an avid fisherman as well as a certified fishing guide. I had three key questions on my mind: the species of fish that are biting in the fall, the lures I can use that will help me catch these fish, and the type of gear I should be wearing. Bob was able to guide me in the right direction. While fishing, no matter the season, be sure to buy a fishing license, which also can be purchased at Blue Line Sports. 

Below are the species of fish that are targeted during the autumn months and why. Bonus: I got Bob to share some specific lures to use for these species. I guess the only thing left to chance is for me to reel one in!


Trout are spawning during the fall as well as trying to pack on some winter warmth. Spawning trout will most likely be in pocket waters with good cover and near gravel areas. During the Fall, trout colors become beautifully vibrant, with bright orange, red and yellow.


  • Lake Clear Wobbler Setup — Lake Clear Wobbler, Ghost Leader Rig Hook, Night Crawlers
  • Thomas In-Line Spinner (⅛ - ¼ oz.)
  • Panther Martin In-Line Spinner (⅛ - ¼ oz.)


Bass go into shallow waters to fatten up for the winter. During the windy days of autumn, using a spinnerbait or swimbait is best. They tend to feed off of shad, shiners, or whatever else they can get.


  • Booyah SpinnerBait (½ oz.)
  • Whopper Plopper (loon)
  • Rat-L-Trap (¼ oz.)
  • X-Rap, Rapala
  • 360 GT Storm, Swimbaits


Pike are looking for bigger bait that have shorter feeding windows and want to add on pounds before the winter. Pike will move to the rock points, steep ledges, and windblown humps that attract these baitfish.


  • Westin Spinnerbait, Monstervibe
  • Mepps Marabou (size 5)
  • Spro, Rat
  • Jackall Rhythm Wave (5.8 inch) with weighted hook


Staying safe and warm while the temperatures start to drop is essential. Be aware of the drastic temperature change from during the day to night, and be prepared for these fluctuations throughout the season. 

  • Layers: put on those layers to be prepared for temperature swings.
  • Footwear: trade in your summer sandals for a nice pair of rain boots.
  • Wading: slip on a pair of breathable waders while standing in the streams.
  • Hat: protect your head from the sun while keeping it warm.
  • Coat: bring a raincoat along in case of rain. Adirondack weather can change on a dime!
  • Eyewear: wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes while making it easier to see below the surface of the water. 

If you have fall fishing on your Adirondack adventure bucket list, come to Saranac Lake, home of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams that offer terrific fishing and gorgeous scenery. Start planning today by checking out our many lodging and dining options.

A Trip Around the Adirondack Carousel
Lost Among the Rows

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