Healthy Eats, Tasty Eats
The 2017 Great Adirondack Birding Celebration!
Our lodging? It's different.

Eating healthy has a rather... challenged... reputation. People can think it means "not tasty."

We don't believe in that. We think healthy is also tasty!

Here's proof:

Locally sourced? Certainly!

Few are as devoted to local food as the Adirondack Alps Restaurant (& Ein Stein Pub) at Lake Clear Lodge. (That is their dining room in the picture above.)

They have a "100 mile product philosophy" where they strive to keep their sources within 100 miles of their kitchen. Chef Cathy brings together historic Great Camp dining with a modern farm-to-fork emphasis.

Chef Cathy's Sourdough English Muffins class. The Lodge on Lake Clear offers all kinds of healthy cooking classes.

We do have many local farms that supply our restaurants, farmers' markets, and food stores. One surprising thing about us is how many farms there actually are - many folks don't associate farms as being in the mountains!

Tucker Farms, home of the Great Adirondack Corn Maze, has been in operation for over a hundred years, and supplies many of our local restaurants.

Origin Coffee is just one of our local dining spots which cooks from local sources. Their breakfast and lunch items are made from ingredients from Adirondack farms like Asgaard Farm, Fledging Crow Farm, Ken Campbell’s Greenhouse, and Rulfs Orchard. Left Bank Cafe has a French cafe menu with ingredients from Crown Point Bread Company, Asgaard Dairy, and Fledging Crow.

Our Riverside Park Farmers Markets lets you browse the same meats, cheeses, and produce our chefs are working with in their restaurants.

Every Saturday, you can get acquainted with the source of your next meal at our Farmers Market. Talk to the folks who grow the greens and make the cheese. There are treats from local delis and bakeries along with a wide variety of artisan arts and crafts.

Blue Moon Cafe is a classic example of that dedication to freshness. They make their own bread and treats, soups and chili, and have different Little Plates every Wednesday night.

Would you like that fermented?

The hottest new health trend is "gut health." Is your digestion tip top? We have tasty ways of helping you make it so.

Nori's Village Market has a Kombucha Bar. Up to four different flavors of this fizzy deliciousness is available. Get a to-go cup or bottle with your next picnic, or make it a part of your lunch or dinner in their dining area.

Get some healthy probiotics in a fizzy, low sugar, drink.

Of course, if you'd like fermented food, then a trip to the Pickle Store is a must. They love pickling the usual, like cucumbers and cabbage, and the unusual, like carrots. They also have traditional kimchi and a vegetarian kimchi.

For all your kimchi needs.

The Pickle Store. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Of course, we have many places that offer that most famous fermented product: beer. From our own Blue Line Brewery to the range of local craft beers offered by many of our local dining places.

Special needs? Special foods.

I once took a foreign, vegetarian, visitor to Downhill Grill. He was thrilled with their black bean burger. I enjoy any sandwich Lakeview Deli has to offer because they can make my Reuben with gluten-free bread. And they have a flourless chocolate torte for after.

At Fiddlehead Bistro, they strive to have one third of their ever-changing menu be vegetarian or vegan cuisine, while Bitters and Bones offers gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options like Pad Thai and fried chickpeas with kale chips.

Any time is a fine time to visit Nori's Village Market and check out what is in the treat case. They always have a vegan and a gluten free option, as well as two versions of their famous brownies and their usual works of art.

Browse the many varieties of treats in Nori's deli case, including vegan and gluten-free choices.

Our restaurants all have chefs in the back. So we can find out which dishes meet our dietary needs from the people who are actually making the food, from fresh ingredients. I'm a gluten-free person with vegetarian friends, and our town eateries take such concerns seriously.

We have cool servers who will either know, or be happy to ask the kitchen, about what would work well for us. Simple things like leaving the gravy off a particular dish can always be worked out.

We want you to have all kinds of a good time when you go out to eat with us.
Having good food and good times together is a long and treasured Adirondack tradition. Back in the day, freshness came from hiring an Adirondack Guide, catching the fish yourself, and having the guide cook it over a campfire.
It's much easier, now.

Find the right place to stay. Explore all of our dining. Find out more about our farms: Tucker Farms - three seasons of goodness.

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Author:Pamela Merritt
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The 2017 Great Adirondack Birding Celebration!
Our lodging? It's different.

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