Saranac Lake Fishing: 6 Spots, 6 Species

In search of a big catch? Wet a line in Saranac Lake! 

Endless lakes, ponds, rivers, brooks, and streams flow through the region, making it a prime location for Adirondack fishing. By boat or by land, from early spring to late fall — the fish are as plentiful as the places to fish. 

Because the opportunities are endless, we have paired up six species with six spots to get you started!

Species: Brook Trout
Spot: Sumner Brook

  • Brook trout season opens April 1 to October 15 and has a daily limit of five, any size.

The beautiful "brookie" is the state fish of New York. And fishing for brookies in remote waters is a classic Adirondack experience. Sumner Brook in Bloomingdale is stocked annually with hundreds of brook trout. Take your pick of one of the two access points on the Oregon Plains Road and enjoy the solitude. 

Brook trout: NYS DEC


Species: Rainbow Trout
Spot: Lake Colby

  • Rainbow trout season opens April 1 to Ocotber 15 and has a daily limit of five, any size.

Rainbow trout require cool, clean water to thrive — and that is exactly what is found here. Lake Colby, just outside the village, is stocked annually with thousands of rainbow trout. The average depth of this lake is 23 feet with the maximum at 46 feet. This easy to access spot is a popular one nearly year-round. 

Rainbow trout: NYS DEC


Species: Lake Trout
Spot: Upper Saranac Lake

  • Lake trout season opens April 1 to Ocotber 15 and has a daily limit of three, minimum length of 21 inches.

Similar to the rainbow trout, lake trout love the cold, oxygen-rich water. Upper Saranac is dotted with islands that have rocky points and drop offs — ideal spots for these hard-to-catch trout to hide. The average depth of this lake of 33 feet but has areas with depths of 80 feet. Poke around and find your honey hole!

Lake trout: NYS DEC


Species: Pike
Spot: Lake Flower

  • Pike season opens the first Saturday in May to March 15 and the daily limit is five, with a minimum length of 18 inches.

Pike are distinct in both looks and personality. Almost weapon-looking, pike live up to their name by being realitively aggresive when it comes to feeding and habitat. Lake Flower has shallow areas that are slow moving and weedy. Fishing for pike in the spring from the shore on this lake can prove to be very rewarding!  

Northern Pike : NYS DEC


Species: Walleye
Spot: Rainbow Lake

  • Walleye season opens the first Saturday in May to March 15 and the daily limit is five, with a minimum length of 18 inches.

Walleye's "wall-eyed" appearance enables them to see very well in low-light and even dark. Take to the 3 mile long, narrow lake at dawn or dusk when they are most active. If you like to fish from a canoe or kayak — this is your place. The paddle from Lake Kushaqua to Rainbow Lake, through the narrows, is a nature-lover's paradise. Reeling in a Walleye would be icing on the cake!

Walley : NYS DEC


Species: Largemouth Bass
Spot: Lower Saranac Lake

  • Largemouth bass season opens the third Saturday in June to November 30 and the daily limit is five with a minimum length of 12 inches.

Largemouth bass might be the most popular game fish of all. And it's do to the thrill of the chase and the catch. Bass love to hide in weeds, drops, and rocks — and that's what you will find here. They also love to eat, so if you don't have any luck in one spot, just try the next one. This lake has an average depth of 28 feet and a maximum depth of 50 feet. There are also sixty state-run campsites on this lake, so plan a trip and stay the night!

Largemouth Bass : NYS DEC


Bait, tackle, and other fishing gear:

  • Blue Line Sports, 81 Main Street, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
  • Woods and Waters, 255 Broadway, Saranac Lake, NY 12983
  • Wiley’s Flies, 1179 Sara-Placid Road, Ray Brook, NY 12977

Fishing License
A fishing license is required to fish the region’s waterways for anyone over 16. Purchase your license from one of our outdoor stores or online through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Boat Launches
Looking to get away from the shoreline? Fishing by boat is welcome! Saranac Lake has a variety of boat launches to help you access the water. Find a listing of boat launches in the region here.

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