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Carnival Style: A class all its own

Travelers to the Adirondacks in any given February will surely behold an unusual sight (or two) as they come upon the super-cool village of Saranac Lake. Walking along the streets, sipping coffee in a restaurant, or simply shopping at the grocery store, one is sure to encounter myriad characters, costumes, and just super-cool carnival celebrities.

To the unknowing first-time Winter Carnival participant, preparation is key; of course, by preparation I simply mean an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unexpected. Of course, it never hurts to get into the action and show a bit of your own spirit - or in the case of this year's Super Heroes and Villains theme, display your special super powers. 

Super O

But, how does one decide where their own personal Carnival style falls? This is tough. Obviously, dressing for the weather is a vital consideration. But, after the base layers are applied (and depending on the weather that can be a super power all on its own), which direction do you go? Are you the type to jump in full-fledged presenting your character ala Stanislavski? Maybe you prefer to participate in the festivities with just a few props and a smile? Are you a sideline spectator ready to cheer on the parade participants, or are you part of the parade? Are you a Super Hero or a Villain? Oh, the decisions...

Preparing for Carnival Fun

While Winter Carnival spirit is certainly something to behold in person, it's a bit harder to describe in words. So, instead, I bring you this simple 5 part quiz to help you decide where you fall on the Carnival Style spectrum. The premise is simple: in each scenario you will be presented with 4 pictures. Keep track of the picture that most appeals to you. We'll evaluate your results at the end.

A) How would you prefer to participate in the fabulous Winter Carnival Gala Parade?

carny pic 1

 B) What companions would be the best to have with you during a day of partying at Carnival?

carny pic 2

C) How do you choose to make your way down Broadway from cool event to cooler event?

carny pic 3

D) Which expression most accurately reflects how you feel after a day spent outdoors enjoying all the fun Carnival activities?

carny pic 4 

E) Which picture most accurately depicts your feelings regarding the tons of live music and family events that are offered during Carnival?

carny pic 5

Bonus Question: In the following picture can you decipher which individuals are in costume?

carny bonus pic

Follow Up Questions: After perusing so many pictures spanning so many decades of Winter Carnival, are you ready to embrace this year's theme? Will you be donning your Villain or Super Hero persona? Will you be wearing a cape and fighting crime, or will you be cheering on the villains from the sidelines?

Carnival Quiz Results

Ok. Confession: I never actually came up with a scoring system for this quiz, because honestly, after looking at all the fun that's to be had, I don't think it matters how you enjoy Carnival. But, if you were keeping score, I'm going to sum it up for you - in a totally opinionated, unscientific way.

If you chose mostly:
1 - You like to get into character. Seriously. Like, you have possibly been planning your costume since last Carnival! You delight in putting on the costume and bringing the character to life. (Besides, nobody knows who you are behind that mask!)
2 - You like to deflect the attention - at least a bit. If you bring along your furry, feathery, 2 or 4-legged pet, you know you're bound to elicit squeals of delight from the kiddies. ( And, hey, you may even charm an adult or two!)
3 - You're willing to get into the action - if there's a group involved. Being part of the parade is always more fun with a big group of friends, and you'll happily be in the middle of the action. (Or perhaps you're directing the action? Either way, there's safety & revelry in numbers, and you've got them!)
4 - You are happy to put on a themed hat or scarf, you might even go so far as adding a little face paint, but you prefer to cheer the action from the side. (And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - numbers 1-3 love your support!)

carny pic wrap up

Super Heroes and Villains: February 5-14, 2016

Whether you choose to march in the parade or watch it, participate in activities like the Ladies' Fry Pan Toss, the Fun Run, or Artic Golf, or simply bring the family to explore the Ice Palace, it really doesn't matter what you wear. The only thing that matters is that you walk away with a smile, some great memories, maybe a few new friends, and the knowledge that you have just taken part in the oldest winter carnival tradition in the East.

As for me, I'll be recognizable as part of the League of Moms - able to deliver snacks upon request, present tissues from every pocket, produce a healing power from a special kiss, and of course, boast mischief-detecting eyes located in the back of the head.

See you at Carnival! 

 In addition to all the ROOST staffers that supplied their personal photos for this blog, a big thank you to Gail Brill for her fun photo contributions. 

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Author:Kim Andresen
Shops with personality plus
Cross-Country Skiing on the Bloomingdale Bog Trail

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